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   Chapter 710 Unforeseen Event In The Realm Of Wildness

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Ricky thought that even if Tina didn't scorn him, she would ignore him for quite a while. However, she confessed her feelings towards him, which threw him into a state of panic.

He didn't want to hide his feeling towards Tina, and their feelings towards each other were mutual. But it seemed that there were many girls around him, which confused him about how to get along with Tina. He had never been in this position before.

And in the future too, he didn't even know how to face Grace as well.

"Tina, I..." Ricky hesitated. He didn't know what to say or how to explain himself.

"Ricky, you don't have to say anything at all. I know how you feel about me. I just wanted to tell you how I felt about you; that's all," Tina said in a direct manner after seeing Ricky's hesitation.

"I just want to know something—how is Pearl?"

"Tina, thank you. I promise you, no matter what happens in the future, I won't let you down." Tina had made it absolutely clear; therefore Ricky, as a man, had to make a few promises. It was what a proper gentleman would do.

Tina was extremely excited after hearing Ricky's promise. She beamed.

"Tina, I just want to tell you, the situation between Pearl and I is a little complicated," said Ricky as he looked at Tina straight in the eyes. Then he told her about what had happened between him and Pearl in great detail.

"Oh, how I envy Pearl now," said Tina after hearing Ricky's side of the story. Ricky was even willing to challenge a spiritual emperor just for Pearl.

Tina's words made Ricky feel a bit helpless. He felt he was caught in the middle of something he could not control.

'This is probably envy between women, ' Ricky thought to himself after a while.

"Ricky, do you think I can meet Pearl?" Tina asked all of a sudden.

When Ricky was recounting his story, he also told Tina that he had an additional zone called the Devourer Zone. But Tina was not shocked at all, or perhaps she was too shocked to show any reaction.

"Okay Tina, but we have to wait until I suppress her with the devouring runes. After all, she is still trying to kill me up till now. If you go in and something happens..." Ricky gently said.

"Ricky, you don't need to suppress her. It will only have an opposite effect, you don't understand," Tina interrupted Ricky before

red all the forces, and no one was hurt. They only asked for absolute obedience from everyone.

However, they didn't ask for too much or make too many commands that were too difficult to execute."

"Is that so? I see." Ricky was relieved after hearing all of this. The Misty South Palace and the people he cared about were then not in any danger. This was what mattered most to him.

"Do you know what they are planning to do? Do you have any idea?" Ricky asked Scar.

"No, I don't." Scar shook his head to indicate he didn't know.

"It seems I must get back to the Realm of Wildness. And now is a very good time for my return," said Ricky, while squinting his eyes.

"Scar, it looks like you will have to go back to the Realm of Wildness with me. We must return together."

If the completed spiritual king was indeed in the Realm of Wildness, then Scar must definitely go with Ricky.

"It's okay. After a year, I'm getting a little bored there in the Three-hall City. Let's go together to the Realm of Wildness and meet this completed spiritual king to see what he wants." Scar nodded in agreement, upon hearing Ricky's words.

Right now, Scar had no resentment at all towards Ricky's requirement, because deep in his heart, he actually admired Ricky, especially after what had happened in the land of legacy.

There was also eagerness in Scar's eyes. He was indeed looking forward to the fight with the completed spiritual king. Scar was ready.

"Okay, then you can wait in the Three-hall City and I'll come later, in secret."

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