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   Chapter 708 The Trade

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"It seems like you have convinced Pearl already." A smirk made its way on the Evil Emperor's lips just when he saw Ricky coming out from the Devourer Zone. "You really are a fortunate one. Pearl lost her purity to the likes of you. You even got half of her source of feminine.

You know, not only the spiritual emperors but also the strong warriors who are superior to them are dying to obtain the original energy.

Yet Pearl offered to give it to you, ha-ha!"

While the Evil Emperor continued to make fun of him, Ricky stared at him with a deadpan expression. "Sir, at this very moment, stop making fun of me. I want to know the current situation between our dean and the Luxurious Emperor." The Evil Emperor then stopped chuckling, looked at him and said seriously, "Well, just as our dean expected, the Luxurious Emperor hesitated at first but agreed to your conditions soon. As expected, he brought ten million gold coins and enough cultivation resources." The Evil Emperor scoffed as he thought about the poor mindset of the Luxurious Emperor. After a pause, he continued, "The old man seems too eager to get Pearl's source of feminine! I just can't imagine how he would react when he knows that you have already gotten it beforehand.

All right, I think we should go now. You should face the Luxurious Emperor and tell him about your final decision."

After saying that, he turned to Jasper. "As for you, you don't need to be involved in this matter. We don't want the Luxurious Emperor to hate you as well."

Jasper nodded in response. Afterwards, the Evil Emperor and Ricky flew into the place where the Luxurious Emperor and the Oriental Emperor were.

In the air, the two spiritual emperors continued to confront each other until they had noticed that two figures were approaching them. They both turned their attention to them.

The Luxurious Emperor stared at Ricky with great resentment. But then, when he saw the Evil Emperor, his eyes were full of deep fear.

"Ricky is here. You can talk to him if you have anything to say, since Pearl is in his hands now," the Oriental Emperor said to the Luxurious Emperor.

The Luxurious Emperor didn't answer him. Instead, he turned to Ricky and said, "Young man, here's the storage ring that contains ten million gold coins and cultivation resources. Just take the ring and hand Pearl to me now."

Then, he handed Ricky a storage ring. It was obvious that he was full of pain when he slammed his eyes shut. He was reluctant to offer so many treasures but he knew he had to in exchange for Pearl because she was actually more valuable.

However, with a gentle flick of his finger, Ricky returned the storage ring back to the Luxurious Emperor.

With that, the Luxurious Emperor clenched his jaw a

ithin it had greatly activated the power of her Feminine Mutant.

"What did you say? You had the nerve to betray our Luxurious Chamber of Commerce?" the Luxurious Emperor threatened coldly. Pearl's blatant response had made his blood boil.

Of course, he understood why Pearl would have made such a decision, but he did not expect that Pearl would betray and resist him in public, and even dare to use Ricky's power to resist his order. As the top leader of his own organization, never had he felt so humiliated and irritated before.

As soon as the Luxurious Emperor finished speaking, Ricky immediately took Pearl back to his Devourer Zone. Also, after Pearl was back to his Devourer Zone, Ricky withdrew his suppression of her power.

"Sir, Pearl has made her choice. Everything is very clear now. Please leave our Oriental College," Ricky said in a light voice immediately.

"Is your Oriental College really going to fight against our Luxurious Chamber of Commerce until either party is wiped out?" the Luxurious Emperor said angrily to the Oriental Emperor, ignoring Ricky's polite request.

"Haven't you realized that our fight at daggers drawn has already started?" the Oriental Emperor sneered.

During the last few days, he knew very well whom the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce had secretly been contacting and what things they had done.

"Sir, I suggest you leave now. I know that you know that we are stronger than you. As the weak one here, stop acting like a child and don't attack Ricky just because of your anger," the Evil Emperor said directly and overbearingly.

Hearing the Evil Emperor's words, Ricky stared at him in amazement and was inspired at his braveness and confidence. He thought to himself that, someday he would become like him. When that day came, he wouldn't be afraid of any spiritual emperors.

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