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   Chapter 706 He Might Get Into Big Trouble

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"The Sense of Realm of all the spiritual-emperor forces in the whole Eastern Land comes into being?" Ricky asked in confusion.

"The Sense of Realm can only emerge in some lands of fortune where spiritual-emperor forces are located," said Jasper. "Therefore, every fight for the Sense of Realm will start once it has emerged in all the spiritual-emperor forces."

"Oh, that makes sense. But if it could exist in every place with spiritual-emperor force, why the need to fight for it?" Ricky asked.

"It is because this kind of Sense of Realm does not have the supreme enlightenment which makes it quite useless," said Jasper. "The Sense of Realm will only become useless once it has been going through the baptism of the Heavenly Void.

And we need at least a few dozens of spiritual emperors to open the Heavenly Void. Therefore, throughout these years, the fight over the Sense of Realm in every region has formed its own rules among the spiritual-emperor forces.

The spiritual emperors will unite together to open the Heavenly Void and randomly put the Sense of Realm inside it. Their disciples will fight for it to see whether they are fortunate enough to get their hands on it."

"That is it?" Ricky nodded as he seemed to have understood what the fight over the Sense of Realm was all about.

'It seems that whether I can be a spiritual emperor in the following years or not depends on the fight over the Sense of Realm.' Ricky thought to himself.

"Hmm? The Luxurious Emperor is here," said the Oriental Emperor. In the meantime, the Evil Emperor smiled mischievously.

"What is going on? The Luxurious Emperor talked to me with his internal power, asking me to bring Ricky to him," the Oriental Emperor said after seeing the Evil Emperor's mischievous smile.

"Ha-ha! You'll have to ask him yourself." The Evil Emperor smiled as he looked at Ricky.

"Ricky, what is going on?" the Oriental Emperor asked him.

"Master, before I took the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, I had to pass a test with Pearl..." Ric

at Ricky has taken half of the source of feminine from Pearl which he shouldn't have, it means that he was deprived of the opportunity to be the Feminine Mutant himself. I think the chances of the Luxurious Emperor sparing Ricky are very minimal.

And you all know what the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce has done these years, you should know what kind of person Luxurious Emperor is by now.

Let's wait and see. The Luxurious Emperor will definitely give Ricky the ten million gold coins and cultivation resources he asked for in exchange for Pearl."

The Oriental Emperor and the other two looked at Ricky. They wanted to know what he was thinking about after hearing all that they have discussed.

"Master, I want to know, what will happen to Pearl if the Luxurious Emperor finds out about this?" Ricky asked in a low voice.

"Maybe in case of any other accidents, the Luxurious Emperor will immediately take the other half of the source of feminine inside her," said the Oriental Emperor. "Either that or he would have Pearl be put under surveillance."

"Is that so?" Ricky said gently.

"What exactly are you planning to do?" asked the Oriental Emperor.

"Master, no matter what happens, I already see Pearl as my woman. Therefore, I will not just hand her to him without putting up a fight," Ricky said firmly with burning resolution in his eyes.

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