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   Chapter 705 The Sense of Realm

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The battle between the Evil Emperor and the Luxurious Emperor was well-known to all. The Luxurious Emperor had been famous for many years, but his popularity and glory were tarnished after his defeat at the hands of the Evil Emperor. The battle's aftermath was an indication of the Evil Emperor's immense power.

The Bright Emperor was just as powerful as the Luxurious Emperor, so he would by no means have the capacity to beat the Evil Emperor. As such, the Bright Emperor was forced to leave upon recognizing the Evil Emperor's presence.

None among Ricky, Jasper and the rest of the disciples had ever imagined that the Evil Emperor would wait over a year for them in that particular place. It made them question what his real intentions were.

The Evil Emperor's answer to their question was simple: Ricky and Jasper had become among the most hated people of all the other forces. Thus, once they made a mistake, disciples from opposing forces would try to hunt them both down and use all of their strength to kill them.

This was not a very difficult problem for Jasper, because at present, he was already able to beat a few completed spiritual kings.

On the other hand, Ricky found himself in quite a pinch. He had not yet been able to defeat any powerful upper spiritual king.

The commotion in the land of legacy finally came to an end after Ricky and Jasper left the area. Unfortunately, a storm was taking place as a result of the earlier commotion.

Ricky had obtained the heritage of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, while Jasper had obtained the heritage of the Massacring Holy Tiger tribe. As such, they naturally drew the attention of all the forces within the entire Eastern Land.

Of course, all the forces after them would cast greedy eyes on the heritages of two holy tribes that they possessed. The heritages appealed especially to the demi-spiritual-emperor forces. Once they obtained the heritage of a holy tribe, they were very likely to transform into a spiritual-emperor force.

This only meant that, although Jasper had the upper hand over Ricky, he was still at risk. The demi-spiritual-emperor forces and spiritual-emperor forces would be even more tempted to dispatch the powerful demi-spiritual emperors in their attempt to kill Ricky and Jasper.

Meanwhile, the strong momentum of the two talented disciples had already spread to all the places as quickly as a tornado.

Despite the fact that they were all at the same level of strength, Jasper had beaten four people from the alliance—Nestor, Jefferson and two princes from the Eastern Empire. It wasn't until then that the warriors got word of why some completed spiritual kings could not beat Jasper.

They also knew that Jasper was sure to make a breakthrough and become a completed spiritual king after he returned to Oriental College at this particular timing.

Ricky behaved in an even more overbearing manner. He even brought the princess of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce under his control and made her his woman. Such scandalous news was communicated to every place quickly.

It was not difficult to imagine how badly the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce was humiliated

the explanations from the Oriental Emperor and the Evil Emperor.

He had thought that he would become a supreme strong warrior once he got hold of both opportunity and comprehension of all the abilities he needed and possessed.

"That's true. It's very important. Since you are currently residing within the realm, you have to be accepted by the realm before you reach the peak of martial arts," the Evil Emperor added.

"Do you know why I left for a few dozen years? That was all because I missed the fight for the Sense of Realm in the Eastern Land. I had no choice but to go to some realms in the Middle Land to take part in the fight for the Sense of Realm. Only when I finally obtained the Sense of Realm that I successfully became a spiritual emperor."

"I see!" Ricky expressed, nodding his head enthusiastically.

"Within the territories of our Eastern Land, upper spiritual kings and completed spiritual kings are qualified to participate in the fight for the Sense of Realm. You both are lucky enough. And so, from here forth, the battle for the Sense of Realm will be the most important step that you must consider in your path if you truly desire to become spiritual emperors," the Evil Emperor concluded.

Ricky asked, "If that is the case, when will the fight for the Sense of Realm take place?"

"The time for the battle is not yet finalized. Maybe, three years later, or maybe even five. That's because it involves the nature's mystery. On the brighter side, the battle is a sure plan. It will take place, sooner or later. The battle for the Sense of Realm will commence as soon as the Sense of Realm of all the spiritual-emperor forces in the whole Eastern Land comes into being," the Oriental Emperor answered and clarified for Ricky.

A high level of anticipation shone brightly in the eyes of both the Oriental Emperor and the Evil Emperor. Both of them had more than enough confidence in Ricky's and Jasper's abilities and true capacities. The Oriental Emperor and the Evil Emperor both trusted that Ricky and Jasper were competent enough to successfully obtain the Sense of Realm.

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