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   Chapter 704 Back To The Oriental College

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During the discussion, several warriors turned their heads to Ricky. They thought in their hearts, 'Jasper, once hailed as a miracle of genius, is now fully grown. It is now time for Ricky's miracle. I wonder what he would do to bring about his own miracle.'


"Well, you've already attacked me, and now it's time to return your attack back to you. It's only fair." The next moment, a faint smile appeared on Jasper's lips. Then, he said lightly, "However, I need to add some of my own power to the power that will be returned to you."

Next, loud cracking noises could suddenly be heard!

And, as soon as Jasper had finished speaking, many purple thundering lights burst out from him, which made the area full of dazzling purple light, and shattered the space into multiple pieces.

"Is Jasper even adept at thunderous power? Is it possible?" Ricky felt a little shocked as he saw the scene before him.

After all, in Ricky's opinion, what the members of the Zhang Clan cultivated was the force of flushing tree, nothing else.

"He cultivates two powers. One of them is the force of flushing tree, which contains life, and the other one is this thunder of destruction," Terrence said. "Only people like you two who are so talented can practice two opposite powers at the same time."

'The destructive thunder and the pattern of Eight Diagrams, maybe both of them prevented me from using the power of my zone to feel his strength, ' Ricky thought to himself while nodding his head, as if agreeing with his own thoughts.

Ricky had a strong intuition. Perhaps Jasper's biggest secret was the pattern of Eight Diagrams when he solidified his own power. At least that was what Ricky's intuition was telling him.

All the other warriors probably thought that the pattern of Eight Diagrams was just a state of concentrated strength. They did not care much about it, so they did not delve deeply into it.


The destructive thunder burst forth. It fell on the pattern of Eight Diagrams which was flowing out from Jasper's body. Then the thunder wrapped around the four attacks and boomeranged back through that pattern of Eight Diagrams. One could see that the four attacks that carried the destructive thunder rapidly attacked Nestor and the other three. It was purple everywhere.

As they saw this, the pupils of Nestor and the other three suddenly recoiled, because at that very instant, they all felt that danger was approaching.

The threat didn't come from Jasper's attacks, but rather from the purple thunder which filled the space.

"I don't believe you can defeat me with just one destructive thunder! You have to do better than that!" Jefferson said coldly with the surge of his enlighte

heard a very strong sound. Suddenly, a middle-aged man in a golden silk robe appeared. It was the Bright Emperor of the Eastern Empire.

Since the Eastern Empire was the closest to this place, he had come first.

However, he did not make a move, because currently, only he could feel the presence of another spiritual emperor. And that was the Evil Emperor of the Oriental College. He could clearly feel that the Evil Emperor had not left the place for an entire year.

"Father, kill him. The inheritance of the Massacring Holy Tiger tribe and Massacring Holy Ant tribe are in their two bodies," Ronson said in an angry tone as soon as he saw the Bright Emperor.

At the same time, both Jasper's and Ricky's eyes were full of worry. It was a troubling situation.

If the spiritual emperor attacked them, they would have absolutely no chance to fight back. The spiritual emperor was extremely powerful.

However, the Bright Emperor said nothing more but leave with his disciples of Eastern Empire in tow.

Upon seeing this, all the warriors gathered around felt incredibly puzzled.

However, at the very next moment, they understood why the Bright Emperor did not attack both Jasper and Ricky.

That was because the Evil Emperor who was hiding in the void clearly appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Standing in the air, the Evil Emperor said lightly, "You two did a good job. Next, let's head back to the Oriental College. It's about time now."

And with that said, he took Jasper, Ricky and the other disciples with him and immediately left.


"No wonder the Bright Emperor didn't attack either of them. It's primarily because he had noticed that the unfathomable Evil Emperor has been hiding here all this time," the warriors all-around said lightly, as they finally understood.

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