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   Chapter 703 Jasper's Unpredictable Strength

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"I feel the crawling danger in this place. Let's leave now! We should head back to the Oriental College," Jasper warned Ricky and the rest through telepathy.

During that time, it was widely spread that they were successful in obtaining the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Tiger tribe and the Massacring Holy Ant tribe respectively. And at that point, many forces must have heard about the news. In that case, it won't be long until a large unit of enemies rushed to them with evil intentions.

Cautious and feeling wary, Jasper sent a message to the Oriental College, asking for stronger warriors to back them up and help them.

"You are a hundred percent right about that. Come on, we'd better set off this instant,"

Ricky responded. Afterwards, they packed their belongings and prepared for their journey back to the Oriental College.

But before they could even leave the place, they heard a strange and serious voice. "Ricky, where is my sister? I'm sure she is with you!" Then suddenly, several people appeared and stopped them from leaving.

The group of people who wanted to stop them had Nestor from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and Jefferson from the White King Tiger tribe as their leaders.

Back when they were still in the land of legacy, Jasper had defeated both of them, thus obtaining the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Tiger tribe.

Both of them were fuming at what they had experienced with Jasper. If it weren't for him defeating Jefferson, then Jefferson would have gotten the Massacring Holy Tiger tribe's inheritance and improved his strength to become a real Massacring Holy Tiger. But his ultimate dream was crushed into smithereens as Jasper had beaten him almost to death.

He wanted to take revenge. However, he knew he was not strong enough to challenge Jasper. That was why he had decided to team up with Nestor in order to take Jasper down.

In that exact moment, another two young masters of the Eastern Empire arrived. Ronson must have informed them of what was happening here.

Before Ricky said anything, Jasper said to them in an arrogant tone, "Well, Nestor, your sister is Ricky's woman now. I'm afraid this is no longer news for everyone. Haven't you heard of it? If you want to take her back, it would only be possible in exchange of ten million gold coins and the cultivation resources that could fill two spiritual space tools. I just thought you should know."He shrugged dismissively and chuckled before he continued, "Otherwise, you have to defeat us. Are you sure you want to go down that road? It's pretty embarrassing to be seen by everyone getting mercilessly beaten. I suggest you think twice before deciding what to do."

On the other hand, Jefferson gave Ricky a stern look and asked, "Ricky, you killed Jackson, a talented warrior of my tribe, didn't you?"

The two young masters of the Eastern Empire questioned Ricky as well, "Ricky, is it true that you set up a trap for my brother, Ronson? You tricked him and made him suffer!"

"Well, this show is going to be a marvel.

a pattern of the Eight Diagrams. It then circled around his body, while blindingly dazzled everything in the area.

Boom! Boom! Creating a loud impact, the four incoming attacks hit the pattern of the Eight Diagrams with tremendous force. The pattern, however, remained intact. It was obvious that their attacks did not hurt Jasper one bit.

"No way! This could not be! It's just too good to be true. Jasper deflected four strong attacks without even breaking a sweat. It seems like a piece of cake for him," someone murmured in disbelief. All the other warriors who witnessed the incredible feat had their jaw dropped in astonishment.

They all had expected this to be a ferocious fight between four strong warriors and Jasper, the peerless genius. And even if it weren't an aggressive fight, they at least had expected the fight to last longer than this. But the evidence of his strength was bared right in front of them and Jasper defeated them easily.

'It looks like Jasper's strength is way more powerful than an upper spiritual king, ' Ricky contemplated, also being surprised by Jasper's performance.

Meanwhile, Nestor and the other three warriors were reluctant to accepted the result.

Complex feelings dominated their hearts as they felt rancorous and furious. At the same time, they also felt fear mixed with hatred.

More than anything, this fight simply became a display of Jasper's power than a fight between the two parties.

Jasper probably thought of them as weak ants. Or worse, maybe they were nothing in Jasper's eyes.

"I've told you before that I did not kill you because the supreme enlightenment restrained my power when we were in the land of legacy. Otherwise, you would have died then and would never had the chance to challenge me today," Jasper sneered coldly.

Everyone felt dumbfounded as they witnessed their exchange of sentiments.

"It could be possible that Jasper had already been a legend long ago," the warriors nearby sighed in astonishment as they fixed their eyes on Jasper.

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