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   Chapter 702 Two Legends

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The deafening silence was dominating all over the place.

All of them became shocked when they heard Ricky's words. Surprise was written all over their faces. Everyone in the place heard nothing but each other's breath.

Even Soar was surprised when he understood Ricky. He hadn't expected to hear such words. In fact, embarrassment was visible on Henry as well on his two companions. They knew clearly what had happened to Pearl. They were astonished by Ricky's fearless way of description.

After everyone had overcome their shock, all the warriors looked at each other and talked telepathically.

"Do you hear yourself, Ricky? Shut up," Ronson said in an angry tone. Sadness was visible in his eyes.

"It's true! I'm not lying!" Ricky said as he laughed at Ronson's words.

"Ricky, let go of Pearl. We don't think you can bear the fury of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce," the disciples of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce said in a serious voice.

As a matter of fact, they were sighing with relief when they learned that Pearl was not dead.

They believed that Ricky dared not kill Pearl because he was afraid of possible revenge from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. That was why they reminded Ricky of the existence of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. They thought that it would be an effective way to make him surrender.

"So all of you think I fear the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and I will release her? Listen carefully. You're wrong! I said that you could only take her back by giving me gold coins and cultivation resources. If not, just kill me now," Ricky said. He looked at them in an insulting manner. He obviously gave off a disrespectful remark to everyone around him.

"But I'm sure you will turn into corpses before long."

Ricky had seen Pearl as his woman, but he knew clearly that he had to return her to them since he didn't have the absolute power to beat the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce yet.

Now that he was left with no choice but to let her go in the end, he thought it was a good opportunity to extract something valuable from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

When he was done talking, a strong killing intent began to spread from his body. Then it rushed straight to Ronson and others.

As a result, Ronson and the disciples of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce were all forced to step back. They left deep footsteps in the sand ground.

"He has become much stronger than before. He's very powerful now!" the warriors shouted when they witnessed the scenario.

At the

s. But they didn't talk about or respond badly to the news. That was because they knew that some immoral warriors would cast greedy eyes on their blood power and attempt to kill them in order to get their blood power once they knew that the three brothers were Predatory Holy Ants.

Fortunately, when Henry and his two companions were sealed in the first place, a sealing array had been applied to their bodies. The sealing array could hide their true identity. Thus even ordinary emperors would not recognize them as Predatory Holy Ants.

It was the reason why the three could have hidden themselves among different forces for such a long time.

After leaving the Land of Legacy, Yori went back to the camp of the Star Sect. He would stay at the Star Sect as a spy, because the Star Sect would also take part in the operation of killing Ricky, the ace genius.

He would find some useful information in the Star Sect.

"Like what I've expected, you were the only star on the stage of the second land of legacy. Excellent! I'm so proud of you," Jasper told Ricky in an excited manner as soon as he came with several disciples of Oriental College.

"Ha-ha. Jasper, what you did was great too. I know you could easily beat everybody else," Ricky said in a happy tone.

"Hmm! Come on! Can you two stop pretending to be modest in this way? We can just try to find something that could hide us," Daisy strongly suggested when she heard the conversation between Ricky and Jasper. The two men were praising each other and criticizing themselves.

"Haha!" Everybody burst into laughter.

The disciples of Oriental College came back from the two lands of legacy with fruitful results.

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