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   Chapter 701 Three New Followers

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"Your ancestral land?" Ricky asked out of curiosity after hearing what Henry said.

"As you have already seen before, the pond of original energy in the ancestral land has the ability to reveal the history of our Predatory Holy Ant tribe with a single drop of our blood," Henry said.

"However, if we use our blood essence, the pond of original energy can show something that will happen in the future.

The matter of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe is over and it is now our responsibility to carry our ancestral land with us. The fight against the devils is likely to happen in at least thousands of years from now."

"All of the things we needed to do now were suddenly accomplished. The three of us didn't know where to go. So we decided to use our blood essence as guidance and let our ancestral land point us towards a certain direction with regards to the future.

A figure appeared in the direction of our ancestral land," Thiago said.

"A figure?" Ricky asked with confusion on his face.

"Yes. Our ancestors were trying to tell us who we should follow. It is clear that only by following that figure and the path he is leading us to would we, the Predatory Holy Ant tribe, regain our position and finally restore the glory of our holy tribe," Yori said reverently.

"Oh, I see. However, did you guys think that this figure was me?" Ricky said with a smile on his face as he tried to tell a joke.

"The three of us agreed that it could've been you because the figure made us feel that way," Henry said with certainty.

"The figure was surrounded by the golden light as he stood on a ninety-feet-tall golden body. Its eyes were blazing with fire. All of this resembled you in a lot of ways.

And I'm sure the three of us can't be wrong about the ancestral prophecy. Besides, you are an ace genius; we have to admit that such a genius didn't come along very often in ancient times."

"So that's it," Ricky muttered in a low voice.

He thought about what they had said very carefully. According to Henry's description, the figure with a ninety-feet-tall golden body had a pair of Golden Spirit Eyes and sacred fires, which made it seem really to be him.

'Is the ancestral land of the holy tribe really so amazing that they can see into the future?' Ricky felt some confusion in his heart. 'Anyway, if a thing as good as that is ever sent to my door, I don't think I would ever have a reason to refuse.'

"Since all of you agreed on it, I won't refuse anymore. In the future, I will consider you three to be my followers," Ricky said concisely without saying any more excuses

y, if you don't come out, I'm afraid you'll have to stay in the Land of Legacy forever. It's been almost a year now, the entrance is open once again, and most of the warriors had left." The moment Ricky came out, he received a telepathic message from Soar. "And what about inside of the Land of Legacy? Ricky, were you able to retrieve the inheritance?"

"Has the entrance been opened? Let's leave here first. We can talk about all of it as we get out there," Ricky said.

"In addition, Henry, Thiago and Yori have become good friends of mine. I hope that you guys can get along with each other."

After hearing what Ricky had said, Soar and the others were surprised. They were caught off guard by what he just said.

They put their curiosity aside and prepared to leave the area. They knew they needed to prepare to leave first knowing that Ricky would explain all of it to them later.

"Ricky, what happened to Pearl? What did you do to her?" At that time, Ronson and some of the disciples of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce stopped Ricky. They asked him about Pearl in a cold voice.

When they saw what was happening, the hearts of all the warriors around them were filled with curiosity. They were curious to know what had happened to Pearl, the owner of Feminine Mutant.

"Oh? By the way, if you didn't stop me, I would've forgotten to tell you that Pearl has been defeated by me and has become my woman. She is currently waiting for me in my spiritual space tool," Ricky said with an evil smile on his face.

"Go back and tell the people of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce that if you want to get Pearl back, you can give me ten million gold coins and enough cultivation resources in exchange for her freedom."

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