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   Chapter 700 Win The Hearts Of The Three Warriors

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Updated: 2019-12-27 00:12

After getting the Massacring Soil, Ricky no longer hesitated. He immediately took it and the Source of Golden Body back into his Massacring Zone, and began to fuse them.

Even without his effort, the fusion of the two forces was inevitable. However, his desire to make the Ultimate Golden Body truly formidable pushed him to add massacring runes to the fusion process.

Soon, he immersed himself fully in the fusion state!

Buzz! Buzz! A few days later, a buzzing sound suddenly rang throughout the ancestral land of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe. Ricky, who was sitting with his legs crossed and floating in midair, began emitting a golden light as he burst out the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. He shined like a beacon in the dark, illuminating the entirety of the ancestral land with a golden light.

At that moment, Ricky could feel that his second level of Ultimate Golden Body had improved from the minor achievement to the major achievement. It seemed to even reach the completeness. In that case, then the next cultivation phase of the Ultimate Golden Body would be the third level.

"The Massacring Soil is indeed the most suitable source for the Ultimate Golden Body. With a single fusion, I've reached a massive breakthrough in my Ultimate Golden Body," Ricky said to himself, his voice somber and contemplative.

More than that, his Ultimate Golden Body had undergone some significant changes. A feeling of invincibility rose from the bottom of his heart. The energy that now coursed through his veins made him feel like a new man, evolved and greater. At this point, perhaps his Ultimate Golden Body could be considered as genuine and real.

'This breakthrough will greatly change me, ' Ricky thought as an amused smile graced his face.

"What an awesome golden body! Anybody who sees that light will get a sense of indestructible, unmatched strength." A familiar voice sounded then, alerting him of new arrivals. It showered him with praise in an amicable manner.

Three figures landed in front of him. As they stood, he had a better view of their faces. The three warriors, Henry, Yori, and Thiago, stepped forward to greet him.

The smug looks on their faces were unmistakable.

Similarly, Ricky could feel that their inner strength increased too, despite maintaining their cultivation base. Their stay in the ancestral land of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe provided them with great benefits as well.

Ricky estimated that because they we


"You heard me right! We want to follow you from the bottom of our hearts," Henry repeated.

Hearing Henry's affirmation, Ricky calmed down. Slowly, he said, "Henry, to be honest, I did have the idea of taking you three under my wing. However, I am quite surprised when you mentioned it yourself just now. So, I want to know the reason."

"Ricky, you're honest. If it were anyone else, he would never admit that he thought of accepting us as his subordinates. Due to your honesty, we can't be wrong in our decision to follow you." Henry smiled as he spoke.

"There are two reasons for our decision.

The first is that you let us know the truth. And you even gave us the ancestral land of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe. This is a great grace for us. You won our hearts through such a simple action," Henry explained further.

"We may be a little extreme when it comes to certain things, but we still know we should repay your grace."

"Ha-ha, it seems that winning your trust is my best reward from this trip to the Land of Legacy," Ricky said. A slight smile appeared on his face as he regarded the three men.

However, he waited for them to continue. Something in his gut told him that it was because of the following reason that the three decided to follow him.

"The second reason obligates us to follow you," Henry continued. With those words, he confirmed Ricky's suspicions.

"Oh? "The reason that obligates you to follow me? I'd like to hear it." Curiosity tinged Ricky's reply. Unconsciously, he leaned closer to better hear their explanation.

"It is because of the ancestral land of our tribe," Henry added.

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