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   Chapter 699 Golden Pattern Skill

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"It seems that you've absorbed a lot of experience from our martial arts. Although this experience might seem useless to you right now, I'm sure it will be of great benefit to you in the future. It will play an important role in the improvement of your cultivation," the golden shadow stated calmly as he appeared before Ricky.

"So we're moving onto the next cultivation method—the Golden Pattern Skill."

His voice faded away. Without leaving a moment for silence, he immediately clapped his hands and an energetic force erupted from them. The source of massacre started to augment within a second. Mighty rays of golden lightning flashed in the sky before flying into Ricky's mind.

Information entered his mind.

"The Golden Pattern Skill is the cultivation method inherited by those in the Massacring Holy Ant tribe. It is also a cultivation method at the inferior stage of Heaven Level,"

Ricky murmured. A vision of text seemed to appear before him and he read them aloud as they came. "What? It's a cultivation method of the Heaven Level!" He couldn't help the gasp that escaped him as he understood the meaning of those words.

The Heaven Level was the highest level a cultivation method could reach in the Misty South. Except for the Chaos Manual, the Galaxy Saber Skill, a cultivation method at the inferior stage of Earth Level, was the strongest skill in his roster.

Thus, he was dumbfounded upon learning that he was about to acquire a cultivation method at the inferior stage of Heaven Level.

"Since we are a holy tribe, it's natural that our inheritable cultivation method has achieved the Heaven Level." There was another pause. The golden shadow spoke in stilted words, slow and steady as if conversation took effort. "In the following process, you'll need all your concentration to learn methods to refine the Golden Pattern Skill."

"Yes, sir." Ricky nodded in comprehension as he tried to contain his excitement.

"The massacring power will turn into golden pattern when you concentrate on the refining process..." Ricky murmured to himself as the cultivation method flashed in his head.

The Golden Pattern Skill evolved from massacring power. The latter accumulated inside the user's body until it could generate a powerful golden pattern. The resulting pattern could then take on different forms and structures to attack enemy.

The greater the variety of golden patterns one could make, the more powerful one's skill would be. So, the utmost refinement of the golden patterns was crucial.

There was a tale once that said the man who could complete the Golden Pattern Skill, would then possess a thousand patterns. But when the patriarch of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe practiced this skill, he only gathered a total of seven hundred patterns in his time. Considering this, it was beyond imagination for one to possess one thousand golden patterns.

It took Ricky three days to fully learn about the Golden Pattern Skill.

"When the tribe was buried in the dust and dirt, their only hope was their unique cultivation method. When their cultivation method gets

h of his blood as it flowed through his body in a steady stream. It then oozed from his fingertips, hitting the ground in droplets.

As the dirt absorbed his blood, a tighter bond formed and connected his body with the land.

Suddenly, he felt the ancestral land emit a strange aura. Its power caused tremors to reverberate in his body, affecting even his Source of Golden Body as it throbbed in sync with his pulsations. The more intense the aura was, the more violent his Source of Golden Body became.

'Did the strange power come from the Massacring Soil?' Ricky quietly thought to himself as he withstood the enormous pressure that bore down on his being.

Without hesitation, he immediately transferred the original energy of the ancestral land. He set it aside to summon the strange power that activated his Source of Golden Body. Before he could blink, a ball of golden soil emerged in the sky.

Buzz! Buzz! The ball of golden soil spun above Ricky, emitting a noise like lightning in the sky. In the next instant, the Source of Golden Body escaped his control and shot upwards to meet the ball.

"Is that the Massacring Soil? It surprising to find that it has such a strong attraction to my Source of Golden Body," Ricky shouted with excitement.

He could also sense that the attraction was mutual.

The Source of Golden Body and the Massacring Soil swirled around each other. The innate energy of the Massacring Soil poured continuously into his Source of Golden Body and strengthened his power.

"It seems that my Source of Golden Body and the Massacring Soil are complementary forces. They were made for each other!" Ricky felt giddy with excitement as he witnessed such an amazing scene.

When he was in land of fortune of the Realm of Wildness, the Fortune Elder told him that he could achieve the real Ultimate Golden Body only when he acquired the Massacring Soil.

When he possessed the Massacring Soil, his Ultimate Golden Body could be evolved into the Chaotic Golden Body, an unbeatable and eternal skill in the world of martial arts.

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