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   Chapter 698 The Inheritance

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"This place...this is the homeland where the Predatory Holy Ant tribe first began to breed!" Henry could not help but state that excitedly at that moment. The other two were just as excited as he was. Their eyes were widening as they looked at the scene in front of them. Shock was evident on all three of their faces.

"Henry, we're now arriving at the homeland! We're standing right in our homeland now!"

Each of them cheered up after hearing that. They found it really exciting to know such a thing as they arrived at their homeland. On the other hand, Ricky had to calm them down via his runic power. They might have exploded long ago out of excitement otherwise. Deep in Ricky's mind, he knew it would be a really bad thing to do setting them free to run around on their own at that moment. He had to wait for the misunderstanding to be settled before he could let them go. Things would only get out of control otherwise. With that in mind, he kept a careful eye on the three of them.

However, in the next second, those three people had noticed the last thing that Ricky wanted them to pay attention to. They had noticed the golden figure!

When they sensed the golden figure's blood power, the expressions on their faces changed immediately to hideously wrathful looks. Their eyes became bloody from the intensity of their glares. Their murderous intent towards the golden figure was too powerful to hide when they fixed their eyes on him. Apparently, the three of them were ready to kill the golden figure at any moment.

However, they might not have been aware of the fact that the golden figure was only a consciousness and not the real thing. Under those circumstances, there was no way for the three of them to kill him at all.

"You bloody betrayer! I can't believe that you still dare to show your face here in our homeland! You can go to hell!" the three of them shouted ferociously at almost the same time. They looked like they were going to destroy the golden figure in the next second. However, they were immediately held back by Ricky.

When he noticed that the three of them were angry with him, the golden figure was puzzled and his face crumbled into a look of confusion.

"Sir, I'm sorry to bring this trouble to you. Here's how it happened..." Ricky started to explain the whole thing to the golden figure as he recognized the puzzled look on the golden figure's face.

After Ricky's speech, the golden figure was aware of the cause of the three people's anger.

"I see," the golden figure replied as he felt a little helpless after Ricky's patient explanation.

"Sir, I need your help to gain their trust back now. They belong to the Predatory Holy Ant tribe, and this is their homeland. I have to make them believe that what you told me is true," Ricky added.

"Thank god! These three young men of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe are still alive even though they had been sealed up for a whole era. In some manner, that make me feel less guilty for the actions of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe," the golden figure exclaimed to himself after a slight sigh.

"It would be hard to prove if we were anywhere else at this moment. Luckily, we are in the homeland right now, I'm sure they'll know the truth soon. We can find a way to make them understand."

"Sir, then how can we prove it to them?" Ricky asked politely. Meanwhile, he sensed deep down that there would be a way to make the three of them believe his words. He could not help but let out a sigh of relief to himself at that thought.

'As long as there is a way t

ts. He would use it to help himself to reach a higher level.

While Ricky was in the process of accepting the inheritance, he had only one thought in his mind. He felt like he was in an endless sea which was made of information about the martial arts methods of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.

Under the circumstances, Ricky had a strong feeling that his Massacring Mutant would definitely become the most powerful one among the four big mutants after accepting the inheritance in the pond.

In the midst of his concentration, there were pictures flitting through his mind. The pictures were the martial arts training methods of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, different kinds of training experiences, insights and understandings.

All of them were the deepest insights of the tribe that had been gathered over its complete history.

The members of Massacring Holy Ant tribe were born to practice the massacring power. What they had gained while they were practicing it, such as their experiences and insights, would definitely be incomparable to the skills of any other tribes.

By accepting those experiences and insights, all of a sudden, Ricky felt like he had been practicing the massacring power for the last ten years.

His insights of the Massacring Skill, Omnipotent Skill, and the cultivation methods were rapidly increasing.

In addition, with the help of the four zones within his body, Ricky could certainly put those insights and experiences to use and learn from them. There would definitely be a great improvement in his understanding and practice of other powers as well.

What was more, while he was in the pond, there were also changes taking place within his Massacring Mutant at the same time. His Massacring Mutant was now getting much closer to its peak.

It took Ricky half a month to wake up from the process of accepting the inheritance.

When he came back to himself, although Ricky felt nearly nothing of his improvements in his cultivation and strength, he could feel that his inner strength had become more profound. At that point, the ancient aura around him could be easily felt by anyone around him.

There was no doubt that Ricky had come to understand a lot when accepting the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.

Buzz! Buzz! With a loud buzz, there were significant changes taking place in the pond once again.

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