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   Chapter 697 The Birthplace

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"I need you to help me with another thing. I am sure you will be able to fulfill my wishes for me," the golden figure continued.

"Please tell me, what can I do for you?" Ricky was a little perplexed.

Before he heard the answer, he had already decided to recount everything about Henry, Thiago and Yori. Moreover, he wanted to ask if they could receive the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, as they were members of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe and were suitable to utilize that inheritance.

Besides, he wanted to create an opportunity for them to settle grievances against the Massacring Holy Ant tribe. He intended to show respect to the two ancient tribes.

He was not doing any of it just to show how his nobility. He would not easily give away the inheritance he would acquire. His act of generosity was planned to be performed for his own benefit.

Henry and his companions had powerful mutant abilities. As one could say from their grief over the extermination of their own tribe, they were loyal to the ones they cared about. Ricky believed that they would eventually be grateful for him if he could help them settle grievances and receive the inheritance.

He wanted to motivate them to be his allies and remain loyal to him. To pave way for greater achievements in martial arts, he needed more exceptional warriors to help him. He was certain they were the ones he was looking for.

Nevertheless, it was a gamble for Ricky to perform an act of generosity. He might not receive any help from them at all once they received the inheritance. If that happened, he would feel so helpless that even killing them all would not bring him any sign of hope.

'I'm risking so much in this play. My main objective is to obtain the Massacring Soil anyway, ' Ricky thought.

"Sir, please tell me what I can do to help you," said Ricky, who stopped thinking about his plan.

"I have said before that this place is also the birthplace of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe. Therefore, their inheritance and water of the pond of origin also exist somewhere in this place," the golden figure explained.

"What? The inheritance and the pond of origin of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe can also be found in here?" Ricky was a little surprised to hear what the golden figure just said.

"Yes, indeed. It is the birthplace of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe. Naturally, their inheritance can also be found in here," the golden figure elaborated.

"Listen, young man. I need to tell you that I cannot give you the inheritance and

mission is completed, I will try my best to find someone else reliable to complete it for me."

"I just want to offer you my gratitude on behalf of all the other late members of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe," the golden figure said.

"No, I am the one who should say thank you, because I am going to receive the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe that you are willing to give me," Ricky said with a grin.

Ricky was convinced that he would be the only one to receive all of the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe. He believed that Henry and his companions would not vie with him for that, because they would not give away the legacy of their own tribe and receive that of another tribe!

"So what was it that you wanted to show me?" the golden figure asked immediately.

"Sir, there it is!" Ricky said with a mysterious laugh. As he spoke, he waved his arm and sent Henry and his companions out from the Devourer Zone. Their full strength was still suppressed by Ricky's runic power.

"They are…" Taking a first look at those who suddenly appeared, the golden figure wondered why Ricky brought him a bunch of strangers.

But then after a while, he began to tremble with excitement. As a member of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, a tribe closely related to the Predatory Holy Ant tribe, he could immediately tell who they were by sensing the power within their bodies.

" could this be possible?" the golden figure said in a thrilled voice. His calmness was gone in an instant. Their presence totally caught him by surprise.

As for Henry and his companions, they were also caught off guard when they saw birthplace of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe.

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