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   Chapter 696 The Truth Behind The Betrayal

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Ricky's heart raced rapidly as his eyebrows knitted together. If he ever accepted to inherit the blood power of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, he would become one of them. The thought made him bite his lip.

'It seems that my Massacring Mutant saved me from the problem, ' Ricky thought to himself.

If it weren't for his Massacring Mutant, the golden shadow would not hesitate to give him the lineage of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe. He didn't have enough time to wait for the next heir, which was why he wanted to bestow it on Ricky as soon as possible.

"Sure enough, you don't want to be a part of our tribe." The golden shadow noticed the hesitant look on Ricky's face.

As the golden shadow said that, Ricky found it hard to maintain eye contact. "Sir, I am certainly delighted with the offer, but I can't approve of it. I am still a mortal, and it will keep up that way. I apologize." An awkward smile emerged on his lips as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"You are right. The bloodline is a very bizarre matter." The golden shadow stayed calm. He paused for a second, then continued, "You should really be grateful because you have your Massacring Mutant, Ricky. Otherwise, I will not think twice to force you to be one of us."

"Sir, thank you for your understanding and patience." Ricky gave him a warm smile.

The golden shadow nodded and then cleared his throat. "Well, let's cut this conversation and get down to business. You will remain in this pond to receive the legacy of my tribe. There are two aspects to the inheritance of our tribe. One is the cultivation method itself. This requires you to comprehend it yourself. Since you are the possessor of the Massacring Mutant, I assume it will be more eligible for you to practice the massacring cultivation method compared to the people in my tribe." The golden shadow looked away.

"The other aspect is the cultivation experience of massacring martial arts. I can feel that this would be a terrific chance for you, Ricky."

"Thank you so much for believing in me, sir!" Ricky gave him a toothy grin and became very excited.

It was no joke that the exclusive cultivation method and the cultivation experience of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe were truly a tremendous opportunity for anyone.

Although he was very excited to get the big opportunity, he also had a doubt in mind at that moment.

Just by thinking about telling the golden shadow his doubt, he couldn't help but wince. Sure, he might hurt his feelings and lose the opportunity, but on the other hand, he was positive that he could get more than that in the upcoming future.

Shaking his head, he turned to the golden shadow and asked, "Sir, before everythi

Massacring Holy Ant tribe. If the latter tried to betray them, they could show the evidence and tell the continent creatures the betrayal, and then there would be no room for the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.' Ricky's mind was racing fast.

"After the destruction of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe, we made our way to their ancestral land, and then eventually, we migrated there. The pond of their land had the water with original energy, so we formed our very own pond full of water with original energy," the golden shadow added.

"As we relied on the power in the pond, we became a holy tribe.

In such a way, the Predatory Ant tribe indirectly gave us the opportunity to become a holy tribe. After that, we tried to kill as many of the devils to get revenge for the Predatory Holy Ant tribe.

Although we really tried our best, the power of the devils increased rapidly during that time, and soon after, we were wiped out by them before we could even kill them all.

We really tried, Ricky. We had tried with our own blood, sweat, and tears but we failed. Our only regret was that we didn't kill the traitor."

"Sir, I truly admire the efforts and braveness of your tribe in fighting the devils. In the future, I will also contribute to fighting against the devils," Ricky said and gave the golden shadow a determined look.

Fighting against the devils was the shared responsibility of all the creatures in all the continents. Deep down, he knew that it was really hard, but he couldn't let both the sacrifices of the tribes go into waste.

The golden shadow chuckled and said with great delight, "With your promise, I am sure that you will be the best candidate to receive the heritage of our tribe." He couldn't be more relieved that Ricky was willing to carry on their unfinished task.

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