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   Chapter 695 Entering The Mysterious Land

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9388

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Both Ricky and Henry were a mess. They were both lying in two deep pits that they had fallen into and they were close to dying.

Ricky panted heavily and tried hard to collect his strength. A few moments later, he struggled and knelt on the ground with one of his hands supporting him. "I never expected that none of us would be able to destroy the other. I have to admit that you are a really strong fighter, Henry," Ricky said.

"No, no, no! It only means that I lost the fight and that is a great humiliation! It is such a shame that I could not defeat you using the power and strength inherited from my tribe!" Henry replied in a weak voice. He was still lying on the ground, too weak to stand up.

"This is great to me though! I'm more than pleased to see that both of you were hurt so badly!" Pearl's voice called out at that point in time. Afterward, she got out of the spiritual space tool.

Henry did not care about Pearl at all, nor did he feel threatened by her. He was well aware of what Pearl intended to do—she intended to kill him.

He was not afraid, though. To be more precise, he was hopeless at that point because he had failed to complete his goal. It did not matter who would end his life. The only thing he felt bad about was that he had not ruined the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.

"Ha-ha, Ricky, you are a loser now, just like me," Henry teased Ricky, his voice still weak and helpless.

"Pearl! Don't act so recklessly. I suggest you stay calm and not jump the gun on this. Otherwise, you will get killed!" Ricky shouted at Pearl. He had expected that Pearl had intended to do that after everything that had happened between them.

"I shouldn't jump the gun, hmm? Ha-ha! That's so kind of you to offer me such a suggestion, You don't realize that you aren't qualified to talk to me like that anymore, do you?" Pearl sneered in a cold voice. She obviously didn't take Ricky's words that serious.

Then, she turned to look at Henry and demanded arrogantly, "Henry, just hand over the Massacring Antenna to me, and I will do you a favor and not smash your body into pieces."

"It's inside my storage ring. You can take it from me after you kill me," Henry replied in a flat tone. He did not want to live in the world anymore, so he would answer every question Pearl asked him. It would not make any difference whether he kept the Massacring Antenna or not.

Pearl nodded in satisfaction; then she looked at Ricky and said in an angry voice, "As for you, Ricky, I will show no mercy and tear you into pieces!"

"You are a very heartless woman in light of everything that has happened between us, Pearl," Ricky sighed helplessly upon hearing Pearl's decisive words. Deep inside, he grew angry with her.

She was such an unreasonable woman!

"You k


"You own the Massacring Mutant!"

The shadow paused for a second and continued, "I never anticipated that the owner of the Massacring Mutant would come here. God bless our tribe! I'm so grateful."

The golden figure was thrilled as he spoke with obvious excitement in his voice.

'He noticed that I own the Massacring Mutant at first sight! What a strong warrior! He must be a knowledgeable senior from the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, ' Ricky thought to himself.

He immediately made a slight bow and greeted him politely, saying, "It's my honor to have you here, sir."

"Young man, now that you have entered this place, it means that you are not only powerful, but also extremely lucky. You own the Massacring Mutant and that is very surprising to me. Although you don't have the blood power of our tribe, you are still the most appropriate candidate to accept the inheritance of our tribe," the golden shadow said before he nodded his head a few times in consideration.

"Thank you, sir. Actually, that's my goal in coming here. The inheritance, that is," Ricky said in a calm voice as he nodded back at the shadow. He was looking forward to what was going to happen next.

"You are being very honest to admit that," the golden shadow commented when he heard Ricky's frank words. "There are two aspects when it comes to the inheritance of our tribe. One is the blood inheritance, and the other is the inheritance of the cultivation method of our tribe.

Now that you own the Massacring Mutant, I think we can just skip the blood inheritance part. I don't think that you are willing to be a member of our tribe anyway."

Ricky could not help but break into a cold sweat when he heard the golden shadow mentioned the blood inheritance.

Once he accepted the blood inheritance, he would genuinely become a member of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.

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