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   Chapter 694 Four Mutants Versus Predatory Quicksand

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Ricky was then surrounded by the four runic powers, which increased his strength a lot. Crack. But the destructive thunder surrounding Ricky only grew more powerful as if it really wanted to destroy and finish him.

"Destructive thunder, isn't it? I guess I can't keep increasing my power anymore, or else, it will kill me," Ricky said to himself after he sensed the strong lethal intent of the destructive thunder that was about to get him.

But on the other hand, Henry was suffering the same, if not, worse than Ricky, as the powerful destructive thunder surrounded him almost breaking the space.

This meant that if either of them decided to increase their power even just a little, they'd surely be attacked and be pulverized by the destructive thunder.

Immediately, the four runic powers integrated into Ricky's body, transforming himself into different kinds of mutants—Devouring Mutant, Chaotic Fire Mutant, Massacring Mutant, and Gale Mutant.

His transformation of the four mutants, however, had produced such strong power that it backed the thunder off.

Henry's eyes narrowed as soon as he laid his eyes on what was happening. Being puzzled, his mind went blank and the only thing he could think of was how this was all possible.

Ricky owning two mutants was already a subject that Henry couldn't really fully grasp. Shocked and out of words, he was confused and amazed at the same time on how Ricky was able to possess four mutants.

"It is true that after taking my source of feminine, he possess different mutants corresponding to the powers he has," said Pearl. Although she had still predicted that this would happen, she was still shocked by this scene.

There was nothing odd about her reaction, because Ricky owning four mutants was just too overwhelming for anyone who would see it.

"He has obtained my source of feminine and thus has become a mutant owner. I have cultivated the devouring power as well, but why can't I possess the Devouring Mutant? Is it because I possess the Feminine Mutant, or is it something he has but I don't?" Despite the shock that took over her whole system, confusion also ran in her mind.

"Henry, you have the Predatory Quicksand, and I have the four mutants. Our final b

elf. I'm not holding anything back either," said Ricky firmly and confidently with his eyes covered by the four powerful runes.

Boom! With a loud bang, the Golden Spirit Eyes then exploded and everything was overwhelmed by millions of blinding golden lights.

Meanwhile, inside the Golden Spirit Eyes, eight flames diffused and then turned into a flame lotus.

"The Power of Golden Spirit Eyes—Eight-flame Lotus!"

While Ricky's four mutants kept on constantly changing, his second level of Ultimate Golden Body exploded. Then, his four runic powers suddenly merged together which transformed into a giant lotus.

"Power of Mutants—Lotus of Four Runes!

Two lotuses in one!" Suddenly, the two lotuses merged together, fell from the sky, and hit Henry's attack directly.


A loud crashing sound then echoed all throughout the entire area, and everything was covered in an endless sea of air cloud.

Henry and Ricky were hidden by the vast clouds of dust; Pearl wasn't even able to see where they were.

"Oh my, both of them must be badly hurt!" Although taken aback by witnessing such an intense fight, Pearl also expected that something like this would happen to them.

If Ricky and Henry were both all badly injured, then that would mean that the legacy of Massacring Holy Ant tribe would belong to her.

Finally, the diffusing air cloud thinned. Ricky and Henry were visible again and the scene before Pearl was just as she expected—both of them were severely injured.

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