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   Chapter 693 Predatory Quicksand

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9119

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Pearl knew clearly that if she were under any of their attacks, even with the power of her own dark water, any counterattack she would attempt to make would fail.

'Once the collision of their powerful attack subsides, they should be restrained and hurt each other badly!'

Pearl thought calculatingly.

In her heart, she was ready to go all out because she had almost completely recovered and reverted back to her best condition.

Boom! At that moment, the sound of thunder that roared midair increased yet again. There was also the addition of small but destructive thunderbolts coming down from the sky, and falling into the violent collision between Ricky and Henry.

"It would be awesome if the rules of heavens here can really strike," Pearl said with a look of expectation in her eyes as she saw the destructive thunderbolts falling from the sky.

Within the ripples of air, the varying power of enlightenment on the quicksand pyramid constantly morphed into the sealing power to support the quicksand pyramid. Meanwhile, Henry also poured himself into the pyramid, thereby forming an endless stream of quicksand.

Fortified with all the different kinds of powers supported by Henry, the quicksand pyramid became more and more powerful and continued to press down towards Ricky.

The Massacring Golden Palms of Ricky, which included two kinds of golden flames, the Heaven Slaughtering Fire and the Massacring Fire, was filled with golden light. It could be seen that it was constantly absorbing the runic power of Ricky's Massacring Mutant.

Seeing how Henry merged with his attack, Ricky did not hesitate any more. He jumped up into the air and merged himself with his attack: the Massacring Golden Palms.

Once again, two of the strongest attacks resulted in another fierce collision. This time, however, the collision was even accompanied with the destructive thunderbolt coming down from mid-air.

Boom! Boom! In the midst of the roaring strength from the two opposing forces, a pathway was formed. It was being surrounded by the air ripples. It appeared that the pathway was created after the powerful blast that filled the air seconds ago.

Time seemed to stop, and the space appeared to have been torn apart.

Just then, another power emerged. It was the power of the array in this palace that suppressed the destructive power of the attack from Henry and Ricky.

Two figures suddenly sprang out from the ripples of air. They emerged rapidly from opposite sides. They were Ricky and Henry. This wasn't the first time they bounced out as a result of the violent collision they caused. Wherever the two passed, the space, which had just been healing, was shattered yet again.

They did not sto

? Is this the responsibility entrusted to me by the ancestors to kill traitors and the devils? Is it my destiny to use the Predatory Quicksand?"

"Oh, I see," Ricky replied and nodded slightly, showing his understanding of Henry's grief and anger.

"But what I truly didn't expect was that the first person I would need to kill with this Predatory Quicksand would be you," Henry said and his eyebrows curled at the sudden twist of fate that he and Ricky were experiencing.

"I admire your predecessors and I understand the pain in your heart. However, I also know well that what I want to get in my heart. Therefore, I apologize but I can't let you destroy this inheritance," Ricky reluctantly muttered.

"Do you really get how I feel? No, you don't! If you really understand how I feel, you should've destroyed this inheritance with me. You should've opted to destroy everything related to the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, a tribe that sold their souls to the devils!" Henry yelled, unable to contain the anger and pain violently emanating inside him.

After expressing all the emotions he had been hiding inside, Henry wasted no more second and used his mind to control the Predatory Quicksand. He divided the sand into several strands, each of which contained twice as much enlightening power. He then aimed the Predatory Quicksand to instantly shoot at Ricky like a downpour of arrows.

"The Predatory Quicksand was made by the predecessors of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe. If I engage in combat with this sand, it would be like fighting with them. So, just show me your power and let me get to the bottom of where the so-called danger is really coming from," Ricky resumed his fighting spirit and anticipated the impact of Henry's approaching attack.

Ricky also surrounded his body with four runes.

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