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   Chapter 692 An Extreme Battle

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"Smashing Blade Attack—Smashing Land Strike, Space Breaking, and Smashing the Universe! Three-in-one Strike!"

Ricky shouted while rotating his body and condensing the galaxy power. As the powers of the Massacring Mutant and Devouring Mutant were activated, he raised the saber. After he launched the three strikes with the saber, the shadows of land, space and universe were all broken, and the power of the three strikes merged together.

The blade then, with the combined momentum that overwhelmed the area, began to dash towards Henry.

Everything that the blade passed through, including the space, was ruined by its momentum.

"Tripod Gravity, smash him!"

Henry shouted as he saw that Ricky's blade was about to attack him. He rotated his body at a high speed. The moment he held the tripod with his hands and activated the quicksand power, the tripod instantly grew bigger and was almost the size of a hill. Surrounded by sand, the huge tripod also fiercely dashed towards Ricky's blade.

When the blade collided against the tripod, endless sparkles came out and splashed around them.

The endless sparkles were an indication of the great power being displayed by both Ricky and Henry.

The next moment, they were pushed a few steps back as a result of the strong impact.

It was obvious that their arms were trembling violently at the same time. All of a sudden, thunder bolts came from the skies and rained over the palace. The sound of them came from the supreme enlightenment of heaven and earth. Obviously, the power of Ricky and Henry had strongly aroused the supreme enlightenment in the Land of Legacy.

It seemed that the supreme enlightenment was releasing power to try to suppress the both of them.

Both Ricky and Henry felt the attempted suppression but neither of them paid any attention to it. They had been concentrating on this fight. They only had one intention in mind—to beat each other relentlessly.

'The power of the both of them seems to have gone beyond the limitations of the Land of Legacy. I hope they both suffer destruction in the end, ' Pearl thought to herself as she also felt the strong suppression from the supreme enlightenment. She began cultivating in order to feel better.

"Even if I was being suppressed by the supreme enlightenment, I still have to kill you and destroy this place. That's what all the dead creatures of our Predatory Holy Ant tribe are hoping for," Henry said in a sinister voice as he burst out his ferocious momentum.

What he said involved immense conviction, for the sake of wh

ill take it back," Pearl mumbled in the spiritual space tool as she saw what was going on outside. She would never forget to take back the source of feminine from Ricky.

Meanwhile, the Massacring Mutant was activated. Ricky condensed the purest Massacring Enlightenment power from his head down to his toe as he merged it with the second level of Ultimate Golden Body.

While the Iron Destroyer hovered over his head, Ricky's eyes gave out sharp light. In an instant, the massacring light was condensed on the chest of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. Two rays of massacring light were shining brightly.

"Massacring Mutant! Omnipotent Massacring Skill! Massacring Golden Palms!"

Ricky exclaimed. The second level of Ultimate Golden Body which had turned into the Massacring Mutant launched a fist amongst the two rays of shining light. The two Massacring Golden Palms were then launched in the blink of an eye.

Without hesitating, Ricky launched two Massacring Golden Palms at the same time.

His comprehension of the massacring power had further deepened since he possessed the Massacring Mutant. It was almost an instinct. It meant he would comprehend and change the previous Massacring Golden Palm as he wished.

The move of Massacring Golden Palms was the result of his further comprehension of the Massacring Golden Palm.

It was more powerful than the less developed Massacring Golden Palm.

The next moment, the space was about to fall apart as the Sand Fall Burying clashed with the Massacring Golden Palms. The impact created by the two powerful strikes was overwhelming.

"Can I resist this impact?" Pearl mumbled to herself, astonished to watch such a fierce collision.

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