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   Chapter 691 Another Fight With Henry

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 11361

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With the invincible powers of the Massacring Sand and his four mutants, Ricky made it to the top and became one of the strongest in the land of legacy. It was no exaggeration to say that there was no one who could defeat this ace genius now.

Now, Ricky could defeat the joint forces of Yori and Thiago if his two mutants continued to work at their peak.

It seemed like no one stood a chance to take Ricky down but Henry.


"I am the strongest!" As Ricky shouted these words of determination, he launched another attack. A huge amount of strong Massacring Enlightenment shot out from his second level of Ultimate Golden Body and rushed to fuse with the Massacring Sand. In a flash, the combined power emitted ten beams of blinding light.

"Omnipotent Massacring Skill—Impregnable Killing Finger!"

Ricky bellowed in a voice full of murderous contempt. It showed that he was truly determined to end this fight. As he commanded, the ten thick and deadly beams of golden light that had been overshadowing the battleground suddenly moved. They loomed over Yori and Thiago and hacked on them straight away. A quick spray of blood fell like rain in the midst of the dazzling light. The two warriors were fatally wounded by the Impregnable Killing Finger before they could reduce to their human forms. They hit the ground and lay lifelessly. Nothing but deafening silence could be heard on the battlefield.

Ricky examined his two rivals and found that there was a deep wound on their chests respectively, which was left by the Impregnable Killing Finger.

Boom! Suddenly, a deafening sound was heard. The ten beams of light dropped and cut into the ground near the two opponents like columns, forming a tight ring on all sides, pinning them to the ground.

The four kinds of runes on the shone a brighter light and started to surge around the light pillars. Soon after, the eight kinds of fires followed to reinforce the cage formed by the light beams.

"Omnipotent Chaotic Fire Skill—Space Splitting Cage!" Ricky yelled and the cage of light narrowed and trapped Yori and Thiago completely. The cage shrunk to no bigger than a fist. Ricky put it into the Devourer Zone which would serve as their prison for some time.

However, the two prisoners would never know where they were kept in. The environment created by the Space Splitting Cage would deceive them into believing that they were in some kind of spiritual space tool.


With Yori and Thiago defeated, Ricky turned to Henry slowly.

Pearl was driven into a corner by Henry now. Her lips showed a horrible dark red, clearly due to the crimson blood she spat out. On the other hand, Henry still seemed full of energy, with confidence bright in his eyes. It seemed that in just a matter of time, he could take Pearl down.

Wasting no time, Ricky immediately transformed into a beam of golden light and came to Pearl's rescue. Within a millisecond, he appeared between them with endless energy surrounding him. He looked at Henry straight in the eye.

"Back down, miss. I will deal with this man. Just find yourself a safe place and watch," Ricky commanded, leaving no room for argument.

Pearl was shocked. Not many people dared to talk to her in such way. Normally, she would be enraged for she was not the kind of lady following orders from men. She was strong and independent. But now, somehow, warmth welled up

reckage. The complex would have been crushed into dust had it not been for the protective arrays set by the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.


A thundering metallic sound resounded throughout the area. Ricky's Iron Destroyer hit the surface of Henry's spiritual weapon, making the air thick with tension.

Henry's weapon was a huge black tripod. It was plain-looking, without any complicated patterns carved on it, but Ricky could feel that it was very heavy.

Once the tip of his sword touched the tripod, he began to truly feel the heaviness of Henry's weapon. The heaviness reached Ricky's arm through the Iron Destroyer and he had to double his strength to continue holding his weapon up. It felt like he was holding a hill up.

'I bet this big tripod is forged with some gravitational material. Only that will explain its strangely heavy weight, ' Ricky guessed. But this could not help him get rid of the uneasiness he felt from the danger brought by the seemingly ordinary tripod. And the tripod's owner looked much more deadly now.

Studying the tripod carefully while trying his best to fend off the relentless attacks from Henry, Ricky discovered that the heaviness of the tripod was not created by the energy explosions it caused, but by something deep inside it. Whatever it might be, the thing seemed to be the source of the danger Ricky had been feeling, too.

'What on earth is hidden in the depth of that tripod? What is it that is making me feel this uneasy?' Ricky thought hard and fast.

His alertness never faded while fighting with Henry, yet he had become even more vigilant if that was possible. Without a doubt, Henry was out of the ordinary, someone of the few who could give him this kind of strong sense of worry and uneasiness. Ricky could never see through him.

"Alright then. Let's have a good look at what you put at the bottom of your heavy weapon," Ricky said to himself. The harder the fight, the higher Ricky's fighting spirit was. Clearing his mind, he tightened his grip on the Iron Destroyer, which had already been enveloped by the galaxy power. He was determined to defeat Henry. He should defeat him.

Henry had also recharged his attacks.

It was finally time for the two warriors to settle the score.

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