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   Chapter 690 Strength

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Thiago finished talking, and with a flick of his finger, three cyan lights shot into the sky and turned into three Spiritual Energy Gathering Arrays. At just that moment, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth surged into his body. The strength within Thiago immediately reached the maximum possible in the Land of Legacy.

"Five-element Array! Five-element Spear!"

Thiago clapped his hands, and yelled again. Then, the cyan runic lines on his forehead grew deeper. Five huge sub-arrays shot forward and formed in the sky. Then, the five huge sub-arrays merged and turned into a more powerful array—the Five-element Array.

Within the array, the five enlightening powers—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—all quickly merged together into a five-element giant. The five-element giant roared, and as if he was shooting an arrow, he shot the Five-element Spear right at Ricky's back.

"Second level of Ultimate Golden Body!" Seeing Thiago launching a powerful attack at him, Ricky didn't hesitate, and activated the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. Then, the Massacring Sand turned into a golden shield, protecting the back of his golden body.


A moment later, the devouring fist attack Ricky used collided with the attack Yori had sent out. Thiago's Five-element Spear hit hard on the back of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body that Ricky was using.

As those thunderous sounds were tearing through the space around them, an enormous air cloud burst out, hitting everything around. The three of them were all overwhelmed by the sound.

Just when they were overwhelmed by it, they took a step backward, and left a space rift opened behind them.

"The Star Mutant and the Array Mutant are indeed quite powerful!" Ricky said gently as he held still. The fighting spirit in him was already condensed. It was also integrated with his dual enlightening powers.

Compared with Ricky's resolute fighting spirit, Yori and Thiago looked even more serious.

Just when Yori collided with Ricky, he understood what the Devouring Mutant was. The real attack that Ricky was using lay after that distracting attack. He devoured the power of s

giant windstorm.

Then, within the windstorm, Ricky activated the Gale Fire.

The Gale Fire burned like Heaven Illuminating Fire under the influence of the gale power.

Then, Ricky integrated with the windstorm completely into his attack.

At just that moment, the windstorm showed two colors of devouring and massacring powers, as if it turned into the Massacring Mutant and the Devouring Mutant.


The windstorm dashed toward the star swords.

Under the thunderous windstorm, all the star swords were destroyed. All of a sudden, the windstorm attacked and tried to rip apart the giant Spiritual Energy Gathering Array.

The second level of Ultimate Golden Body condensed into a definite shape and was surrounded by the Massacring Sand. It closed its two palms into a giant fist and struck. A moment later, the giant Spiritual Energy Gathering Array was broken.

That was an example of pure strength.

As the giant Spiritual Energy Gathering Array was broken, the power Yori absorbed decreased immediately.

"How is this possible? How can he be so strong?!" Thiago asked in disbelief upon seeing his giant Spiritual Energy Gathering Array get broken. There was fear in his eyes for the first time.

Yori felt the same. Fear spread within the both of them. Ricky was much more powerful than they had imagined.

"Nothing is impossible. You have your reasons to believe that you can win, and I have mine," Ricky said.

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