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   Chapter 689 Inheritable Holy Skill—Eternal Body Skill

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Knowing that Henry looked down on her, Pearl could no longer hide her anger. A look of complete disdain was apparent on her face as she stared at him furiously. The flames of hatred kept burning in her heart as her insidious ferocity appeared in her eyes.

She was very annoyed by what had happened in the Heavenly Passage but she couldn't do anything to Ricky. Henry's remarks only added fuel to the fire so she planned to direct her anger towards him instead.

"Dark power! Have a taste of my whip!" Pearl roared as she summoned her skill.

In the next moment, the dark water suddenly exploded out of Pearl. It flew up in the sky and fused with her Feminine Enlightenment. In a split second, it turned into a long black whip which seemed like a fierce boa constrictor that flooded towards Henry at a very high speed.

Crack! Crack!

Under the extreme power of the dark water, everything that the whip passed through was turned into ice. Suddenly, the cold wind blew dust and dirt up from the ground as her dark power occupied the entire space. It formed into a potent power that shot towards Henry in all directions.

Henry could sense that Pearl had reached a higher level of proficiency in using the dark water than before. A feeling of anxiety washed over him as he was starting to get worried about his future.

"This kind of gloomy power must have come from the dark water!" Henry shouted in surprise as his mouth was agape in horror. His face grew serious as he sensed Pearl's potent power. It had never occurred to him that Pearl could have more tricks up her sleeve.

"That's right! This is the powerful dark water. Anyone who dares to stand in my way shall be turned into an ice sculpture." Pearl's voice was as cold as ice. A vicious look was painted on her face.

"Ha-ha! That is indeed very rude and shameless of you! Do you really think that you can defeat me with your dark water? That could only happen in your dreams! You are obviously over-confident about your little trick!" Henry retorted as he stared back at her. His anxiousness gradually turned into disdain after he heard her arrogance.

"How could he be so confident about the current situation? Is he really not afraid of the dark water? That's strange," Ricky quietly murmured to himself as he stood opposite to Yori and Thiago.

He knew very clearly that the reason why he was able to withstand Pearl's dark water in the last battle was that he possessed the Heaven Illuminating Fire. This skill prevented him from being turned into an ice sculpture. He owed his life to it.

The other sacred fires and the peculiar fires inside his body were not strong enough to shelter him from the dark water given that his current cultivation level was lower than Pearl's. The power of a Treasure from Heaven and Earth depended on the cultivation level of the master who refined it.

As Henry's voice faded away, he flew in the sky and stretched out his hands. In a split second, the Gloomy Enlightenment fused with the Massacring Enlightenment and flowed through his body. As the two kinds of skills united to perfection and generated an enormous amount of power, an atmosphere of horror dominated the entire space. Maybe it was a peculiarity of the Predatory Holy Ant.

Before Pearl could even react, Henry immediately used his Sandy Mutant. A flow of sand shot out from his body and fused with the two kinds of enlightening powers. The powers continued to accumulate inside his body

s nothing compared to his strength.

But it would take a long time before Henry could totally destroy Pearl's Feminine Mutant since it was powerful enough to sustain his attack for a while.

"It seems that you desire to save Pearl. Unfortunately, we are not going to let that happen. An ace genius like you will be killed by us today. We don't care if you possess two mutants," Yori stated coldly as he sensed a murderous aura emitting from Ricky's body.

"But your behavior is in direct contradiction to your words. You said that you were not afraid of me, but why do I sense fear in your eyes?" Ricky wore a faint smile on his face upon hearing Yori. He was not affected by Yori's words at all. Instead, he just stared at him without displaying an ounce of fear.

"Ha-ha! Are you about to mess me up with your little tricks? It is truly a shame that none of them worked on me," Yori retorted as his voice turned cold as ice.

"Have a taste of my Devouring Fist!"

As Yori's voice faded away, Ricky immediately threw his fist towards him. Since Ricky possessed the Devouring Mutant, his Devouring Fist was more powerful than it used to be.

As the shadow of his fist passed through, the devouring runes flooded across the entire area, about to assimilate everything in its way and turn them into nothing.

Although it was a seemingly normal punch that headed towards him, Yori's pupils dilated in shock as he sensed the overwhelming power contained inside the fist. Under Ricky's enormous pressure, he immediately sprang into action. He used his Eternal Body Skill and changed his starry body into a similar color with Henry's.

In a split second, enormous power which came from the Star Mutant exploded. Mighty rays of starry lightning flashed within his body and were gathered around his hands. Before Ricky could react, it all turned into a huge starry sword that collided with Ricky's Devouring Fist.

"Star Mutant! Starry sword!" Yori roared as he summoned his skill.

"Ricky, I hope that you do not consider this to be an unfair game since we have more people than you have. You are too powerful to deal with alone so we have no other choice but to gang up on you and make sure you do not get away that easily," Thiago said as he rushed towards Ricky to launch his most powerful attack.

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