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   Chapter 688 A Confrontation Of Mutants

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In an instant, the two teams collided with their overwhelming strengths. They had made up their minds to kill each other. Each was determined to win the fight and it had become a win-or-die battle.

"Leave Henry to me, Pearl. I can feel that he could be more powerful than both Yori and Thiago combined," Ricky said seriously to Pearl.

"Humph! I don't need your help! How will I be able to kill you if I couldn't even manage to kill him?" Pearl responded coldly when she received Ricky's telepathic message.

"Whatever. Just look out for his Sandy Mutant." As embarrassed as Ricky felt by Pearl's blunt refusal, he still cared deeply about her.

Although Pearl desperately wanted to kill him, Ricky didn't feel any animosity towards her. In fact, he didn't want her to get hurt in any way, especially not for him. Pearl was his woman and she held a place in his heart that nobody got to offend.

'Alas! I wonder when she will forgive me, ' Ricky thought to himself helplessly.

Then he stopped pondering over Pearl and turned to the task at hand, fighting Yori and Thiago.

"Feminine Mutant? Pearl, you're going to pay a great price for your arrogance," Henry said coldly to Pearl.

He was quite irritated by Pearl's words and his face twisted in an ugly grimace.

"I am telling you the truth. What you mentioned happened long back, in ancient times, which means it has nothing to do with me gaining the inheritance. I swear I will kill all those blocking my way of cultivation," Pearl replied evenly with a serious face.

Soon, she and Henry collided with each other.

'Pearl has the dark water which can restrain the dark power, which means that even if she is beaten by Henry, the fight will last long enough for me to get rid of Yori and Thiago, ' Ricky thought to himself.

He didn't want to kill those three because they were not completely evil. They were individuals serving their own mission. It was just that their missi

n in Yori's eyes completely vanished.

He finally realized why Ricky was called the ace genius.

"I take back the derision I had shown towards him, but does he really have two mutants? And the two mutants simultaneously occupying a half of him?" Yori murmured in wonder.

"I'm so shocked. No one in Oriental College had told me that Ricky was a mutant owner," Thiago exclaimed.


'What's going on? The fusion of two mutants? Really?' Pearl thought to herself. 'He showed a complete Massacring Mutant in the Heavenly Passage, but now...

He once told me that it was the source of feminine inside me that had granted him a mutant. Now he has been cultivating the powers of devouring, massacring, fire, and gale, is it possible that he now has four mutants inside?'

The more she speculated, the more shocked she was becoming at the unfolding of Ricky's powers.

"Judging by your shocked face, I gather, that you've been unaware of his mutants as well. Then this wasn't just some luck he encountered in the Heavenly Passage. It looks like he had been hiding this for quite a while," Henry said as he saw Pearl's dumbstruck expression.

"Double mutants? I should get rid of you as fast as I can so that I can help my friends."

"Humph! Not if I killed you first!" Pearl replied coldly.

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