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   Chapter 686 The Predatory Holy Ant

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No one spoke for a long time. The atmosphere in the space was too heavy and oppressive for words. Finally, Henry decided to say something. "Ricky, I don't think this is a tricky problem. Only the lucky ones could get a chance. And they need to be strong enough.

That's why I think you should give the Massacring Antenna to us."

Ricky chuckled at his words, before giving a stern refusal. "I don't think this is a good idea. We fought hard to get the Massacring Antenna. We almost died because of it. If we give it to you so easily, all the hard work we've done until now would be in vain. Don't you think that's a little unfair to us?"

Through their telepathic connection, Ricky cast a simultaneous plea to his companion. "Pearl, I think we should prepare for a battle. It's going to be the ultimate fight. There's only two of us, while they have three warriors. There's a high chance we'd be defeated.

Of course, the choice is yours to make. I won't blame you if you choose to stand by their side."

Pearl didn't flinch upon hearing Ricky's words. The steady calm she expressed made it seem like she didn't hear anything at all. Only the new tension that appeared on her shoulders, as she began channeling her strength, showed that she was getting ready for a fight.

"Ricky, Pearl, I can feel you've enhanced your strength by a large margin. If it wasn't for the supreme enlightenment suppressing you, you probably would have broken through and reached a higher level already. You must have been granted a great opportunity while you were in the Heavenly Passage and took full advantage of it. Am I right?" Henry asked, leveling them both with a firm look.

"Now that you've obtained such a great opportunity, it would be better for you to give the Massacring Antenna to us. You can't be too greedy and have everything, can you? If you do as we demand, we promise you'll get out of here safely.

But should you choose to refuse us, I'm afraid..."

He let the unspoken threat linger between them. They all knew what he had meant. If Ricky didn't corporate, Henry and his friends would make it their business not to let him go.

"You sound very confident, Henry," Ricky replied, a smile on his face as he let the threat slide off him like raindrops. "But I think you know me well. I'm the kind who doesn't give up. So, I guess we're fighting for the Massacring Antenna. Whoever comes out as stronger can have it."

Boom! Starburst glowed from Yori's hands as he locked his glare stubbornly upon Ricky's face, standing behind Henry. The shining Star Enlightenment dazzled everyone, blinding them with the sight. When they opened their eyes again, they saw Yori in a fighting stance, preparing to launch an attack at Ricky in a moment's notice.

A hand shot out to stop him in his tracks.

Henry kept his eyes trained on Ricky, even as his fingers curled around his companion's shoulder to keep him in place. "Ricky, I think you know me well too. Fi

s invaded the Middle Land. As one of the most powerful forces, the Predatory Holy Ant tribe stood their ground and protected their territory. They tried hard and fought against the devils. It was a ferocious war. Numerous members of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe died then. Gradually, they disappeared from the world. The devils destroyed the land and the Predatory Holy Ant tribe.

Other forces were pulled into the crisis. They, too, decided to fight back.

The war continued for many years. There was a time when the devils sent out five devil spiritual emperors, claiming that they would extinguish the Predatory Holy Ant tribe. At that time, the Predatory Holy Ant tribe had four powerful spiritual emperors protecting them. Although there were only four of them, they were not afraid of the devils' attack because they had powerful arrays deployed around their territory. That was why the Predatory Holy Ant tribe did not seek help from other forces.

Every other territory had their hands full of the devils too.

However, the five devil spiritual emperors were well aware of the most vulnerable part of the arrays—the center of the arrays. They attacked three spiritual emperors from the Predatory Holy Ant tribe and succeeded.

After that, there was a slaughter. The Predatory Holy Ant tribe was wiped from existence."

Like the end of a funeral, when the sound of bells had started fading, Henry paused for a few seconds as if he was seized by sadness. Soon, he continued, "It seems a spy informed the devils of the arrays' vulnerabilities." Henry gritted his teeth and ground them in his fury. Ricky and Pearl heard the click inside his jaw.

"At the time, only two parties knew where the center of the arrays was located. One was the management team of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe. The other was the management team of the Massacring King Ant tribe, a close subordinate of the Predatory Holy Ant tribe. The Predatory Holy Ant tribe trusted them very much."

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