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   Chapter 685 The Two Teams Get Together Again

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'Becoming a mutant owner makes me feel really good as if I'm naturally fused with the supreme enlightenment of heaven and earth, ' Ricky thought to himself.

At that moment, he felt endless power coursing through him. His body was weightless, uplifted by the supreme enlightenment as it was. He felt like wings sprouted from his back. There was a perfection to his new form. The world itself seemed to supply him with the energy to recover himself.

More importantly, he felt his insight and sensibility of martial arts improved to a whole new level.

"It is the Massacring Mutant! I'm sure of it! How could you have the Massacring Mutant?" Pearl growled, as her accusation made her look feral, with ferocious eyes and her teeth bared.

"I've told you that this is the gift you offered to me. There's no harm in telling you. I had the characteristics of the Massacring Mutant before. I always felt that there was something missing, something that prevented me from becoming the true owner of the mutant. That is the original energy," Ricky explained, his voice steady and measured.

"And your source of feminine provided me with exactly the thing I wanted."

Snap! Snap!

Hearing this, Pearl clapped her two beautiful jade-like hands tight and cracked her knuckles. The sound of her bones rang out like trees falling in the night as a monster devastated the forest. The sheer rage contorted her features.

She hated the man in front of her. He was a petty thief who stole her virginity and half of her original energy. More unexpectedly, he had transformed himself into a true Massacring Mutant owner with the energy he took from her.

It was a detestable situation for her. Her wounded ego couldn't accept it.

"Pearl, your Feminine Mutant can mobilize the feminine power in this place, while my Massacring Mutant can also mobilize the massacring power here. So, do you still think it's a good idea to launch an attack against me now?" Ricky asked at once.

He closed his eyes and breathed in. The intensity of Pearl's murderous aura made it feel palpable. He could almost imagine the faint smell of the blood she wanted to spill.

Under such circumstances, he wasn't sure if Pearl would choose to fight against him or not.

According to his limited understanding of women, their fury would forth an unexpected hell. Thus, he had to indirectly remind her to make a wise decision.

Fortunately for him, Pearl was not overwhelmed by her rage. Gradually, she pulled back her momentum. It receded along with her killing intent. The long-suffering sigh she let out seemed to signal her reluctant cooperation for the time being.

Ricky watched her carefully. He breathed out a relieved sigh of his own as he understood that the issue between them would be temporarily put aside. With a nod, he accepted the momentary truce and withdrew his power and Massacring Mutant.

"Ricky, I hope you remember that I'll be

there. For a moment, he felt a real fear that maybe Ricky and Pearl would die in the Golden Passage.

"We were delayed by the last level. It was very time-consuming!" Ricky said simply, shrugging off any concern for his well-being.

At the same time, he gave a slight nod to Thiago, who was on the same team with Henry. It was a polite gesture. After all, there was no history of backstabbing between them and no reason for them to be enemies.

"So, did you get the Massacring Antenna?" Their safety assured, Henry no longer tried to hide the expectation in his voice.

"Of course we got it. How about you three?" Ricky asked with a smile.

He could feel the giddy excitement that radiated from Henry. It was obvious from the first moment he laid eyes on the other man. Of course, then and there, Ricky's heart beat wildly in his chest too. After all, in front of a tribe's heritage, no spiritual king would be able to keep calm as usual!

"We also got it," Henry said simply.

With such a brief reply, the atmosphere around them became grim and suppressed. The tension was foreboding and familiar. It was the same kind of tension that preceded murderous intents and fierce fights.

Now that they found the two Massacring Antennae, they would soon need to determine the rightful heirs of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.

Neither team would accept any compromise like sharing the inheritance between them.

To be precise, three teams were battling for the same prize. Ricky and Pearl were only temporarily united as a team. At any given time, they could decide to split up and further complicate the issue.

"Then, as for the inheritance of the tribe, who should have them?" Ricky asked directly. They all needed to face the question sooner or later.

That simple question opened up a can of worms among them. It silenced all the warriors and rooted them to the spot. A silence pervaded the room, the deadly calm before the storm.

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