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   Chapter 684 Burst Of The Massacring Mutant

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Whoosh! Whoosh!

With a ceremonious killing sound, the power of four runes surged up rapidly while coming out of Ricky's body. His second level of Ultimate Golden Body appeared in the blink of an eye, and simultaneously, his Golden Spirit Eyes burst out a million rays of golden light. One could see that his momentum had reached its peak.

"Golden Spirit Eyes' Power. Golden Runic Arrow!"

This time, Ricky used another Omnipotent Skill of the Golden Spirit Eyes.

Of course, this technique could only work when he had the Golden Spirit Eyes.

Two thick laser beams of golden light came out of his golden pupils. The four runes, in the form of dragons, surrounded the two beams of light delicately. Instantly, the two beams fused into a huge shimmering golden arrow.

At the same time, Ricky began burning the Heaven Illuminating Fire to counter the icy sealing power of the dark water.


Pearl's whip and the golden light arrow were moving towards each other rapidly, colliding any moment. The whip hovered over the golden light arrow like a boa, intending to break it with its twisting power.

However, Ricky's strength had enhanced, once again. With the added assistance of the four runes and the Massacring Sand, the golden light arrow burst out with the exceptional massacring power. It struggled to get rid of the whip at every turn.

Even though, the Dark and Light Rock Array had been broken, Ricky was unable to overcome the remaining feminine power.

After a period of stalemate with the whip, the arrow finally broke.

The whip moved again, twining around his second level of Ultimate Golden Body this time.

'Surely, I am no match for Pearl. This Dark and Light Rock Array is too strong for me to handle, ' Ricky thought coldly when he saw the whip doing its job once again.

But, he didn't hesitate. He controlled the countless Massacring Sand to surge out and cover up his second level of Ultimate Golden Body immediately. He also recalled the Heaven Illuminating Fire, for more concrete defense.

The whip wrapped itself around Ricky and threw him like a meteorite, spinning him wildly in mid-air and eventually, smashing him to the ground.

Boom! The next moment was just endless dust. The whole area below had collapsed. Huge rocks shattered and poured down from above.


w? You possess the mutant!" Pearl couldn't believe her eyes.

Ricky possessed a mutant, a real mutant of his own—the Massacring Mutant.

In addition, as long as Ricky was willing to do it, he could also activate the Devouring Mutant, the Chaotic Fire Mutant and the Gale Mutant.

Previously, Ricky could only be said to have the characteristics of these four mutants, and was able to get close to these four powerful mutants under the assistant power of the four zones. However, it was completely different game now.

At this moment, he made it. He was able to truly possess the four mutants at the same time instead of just having similar features.

This happened only after he obtained the source of feminine from Pearl.

With the four zones and four Supreme Skills, Ricky had had a feeling before that he could become the owner of these four mutants. However, in the invisible place, he had always felt that there was something missing, something that prevented him from becoming the true owner of the four mutants.

After obtaining the source of feminine, he knew this was exactly what he was missing—the original energy.

Under the power of the mysterious axe, the source of feminine was differentiated into four strands of pure original energy. They were integrated with the four zones smoothly, enabling Ricky to become a mutant owner.

This was why Ricky thanked Pearl for this qualification.

"Is this...the authentic Massacring Mutant?" Ricky said excitedly as he was feeling his body which was full of power right now.

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