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   Chapter 683 An Attempt To Kill Ricky

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A month passed slowly by, and everything was merely the same in the Dark and Light Rock Array. When Ricky and Pearl appeared, Jacob also showed up in front of them.

"Great! You took only a month to reach the minor achievement of the first phase. As I expected, you have proven yourselves to be the most suitable to practice my cultivation method," Jacob said, with an evil smile that made the corners of his mouth curve sharply upward. Knowing full well that Ricky and Pearl could not have come out unless they had successfully completed learning how to use the cultivation method.

Nevertheless, his tone also sounded somewhat desolate. Ricky and Pearl's successful practice of the cultivation method indicated that he would have to make a complete disappearance sometime in the near future.

He had been prepared to face everything with an open heart and an open mind. When the day finally came, he suddenly felt a great reluctance to leave forever.

"Sir, I don't think practicing this cultivation method is something worth showing off," Ricky said to Jacob as his lips pressed into a thin line. He was upset. In fact, he felt really depressed.

"Ha-ha!" Jacob burst into laughter because he could guess why Ricky's face looked so gloomy.

"Boy, you're not only well natured, but also highly gifted. I don't want you to die too early, so I need to remind you of something," Jacob said to Ricky telepathically.

"Though I only have a superficial understanding of this girl's nature, I am concerned that she will try to kill you after you break the center of the array together with her. For the sake of your safety, I suggest that you request her to swear that she won't kill you with her dedication to martial arts.

I suggest that because the Dark and Light Rock Array will continue to work for a certain period of time after it is broken. There will be ample opportunity and time for that girl to murder you."

"Don't worry about me, sir. I don't think she will kill me after the array is broken. There are three powerful warriors in the Golden Passage after all. She will have to rely on my power to fight against them. In fact, she and I are mortal enemies, but we have no choice but to work with each other," Ricky explained to Jacob.

"I see. All right. In that case, just disregard what I said," Jacob said in a low and calm voice.

"By the way, I have something else I'd like to discuss with you. To be more specific, I am going to ask you to do something for me—a favor if you would."

"Please, tell me what you need, sir," Ricky said, nodding his head.

No matter

he feminine power of the Dark and Light Rock Array, which was dispersing across all angles like a kaleidoscope all around them.

Just as Jacob had expected, Pearl really wanted to kill Ricky by making use of the power of the array.

'Jacob is an excellent prophet, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"Pearl, don't you think that it would be unwise to kill me at this moment?" Ricky said in a cold voice, while releasing his aura.

"I can't make sure that what happened here will be kept secret unless you're dead. If you're dead, the source of feminine in your body, which belongs to me, will return to my body," Pearl said coldly.

She was determined to kill Ricky because she would by no means want to become Ricky's woman. In her opinion, a man could only be her slave.

She felt humiliated by the fact that she had been intimate with Ricky. She had no choice but to erase the memory of her humiliation by any means necessary.

She didn't think that she would have another chance to kill Ricky, so she took advantage of that moment and went straight for the kill.

"Even if you kill me now, you won't be able to get out of here. Do you think that you can beat Henry and his two companions?" Ricky asked patiently.

"That's none of your business. The only thing I'm sure of is that I have to kill you right now," Pearl said angrily.

A loud sound could be heard in a good distance away from them. While she was speaking, Pearl condensed her long whip again. The long whip seemed to then be even more powerful.

"Shit! You won't listen to reason at all!" Ricky said in a frustrated and angry voice when he found that Pearl was really going to launch an attack towards him. "Do you really think that you can beat me?"

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