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   Chapter 682 Acquire The Source Of Feminine

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Right now, Ricky felt bitter.

He was sure that woman did something to him.

It was enough for him to lose his pride as a man.

"Pearl!" he shouted at her. The name bubbled up to his lips in his outrage, like lava rising. Whatever words he had for Pearl died in his throat with nothing but a sputter.

Though he had lost his pride being a man, it felt that he was taking advantage of her. He felt nothing in particular though.

"I didn't know that an ace genius like you would also behave awkwardly under such circumstances. I guess I have overestimated you," Pearl said without opening her eyes.

"If you have excessive energy, you ought to cultivate. Or do you want to stay here?"

Pearl's tone hit notes of complexity, rage, and panic. Rather than asking a question, it was more like she spat the words at his feet.

"Ha-ha, an ace genius is also a human being!" Ricky smiled and stood up. Pearl's words dumped water over his head. He shook them off along with his earlier bitterness as he returned to his normal state.

A teasing complexity could be heard in the lilt of Ricky's voice too.

In his heart, though he tried to ignore it, there was the understanding that Pearl was his woman. He buried that understanding deep within his psyche. To have such a relationship with his enemy was unthinkable.

Their relationship was just a stepping stone on his way to the climax of martial world, something to be used and quickly forgotten about. Or so he thought. With everything between them now, he didn't know what to do.

If Ricky let his mind wander to possibilities, he'd stumble upon his desire to take Pearl as his own. Any normal man would think like that, after all.

Then, he stopped and pursed his lips together tightly. With his thoughts running wildly, it would be better if he didn't say a word to Pearl.

Apart from the massacring power that currently ran through his veins, a new feeling emanated from his body that seemed just as strong as the galaxy power, but distinctive in some way.

'Is this light power? With this power, maybe I can start cultivating the Dark and Light Dual Cultivation Method!' Ricky thought to himse

on cultivating the Dark and Light Dual Cultivation Method, at least until I reach the minor achievement of the first phase.

Maybe it is a good place for other men, but I don't want to stay here anymore.'


"Ricky, the source of feminine inside you belongs to me. And I will take it back in no time," Pearl told him.

"It doesn't seem like you have the power to control it. So, you better wait until you can!" Ricky replied as a smirk spread across his face.

There was a worry niggling in his mind though. 'After we break the center of the array, Pearl will probably attack me immediately!'

"The time will come." Pearl was cool and serene as she spoke.


After a month, Ricky and Pearl managed to cultivate the Dark and Light Dual Cultivation Method to the minor achievement of the first phase. The powers inside them finally matched their level.

It was now time for them to break the center of the array together.

They left the spiritual space tool together as well.

An invisible and unspoken bond formed between them, twining their fates together with a material that sheer power couldn't cut through.

There was no doubt it was because of the Dark and Light Dual Cultivation Method.

And as the cultivation proceeded, the invisible bond between them would deepen.

However, judging from the state of their relationship right now, the world outside would make it impossible for them to stay together.

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