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   Chapter 681 Dignity Gone

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7088

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Ricky would never cave in easily under any sort of circumstance, no matter how dire and desperate it was.

Thus, he was about to give his Blood Vitality Devouring Skill a try.

However, Ricky found himself to be proven wrong. At the current moment, Pearl was much stronger than she appeared to be. Before he employed his Blood Vitality Devouring Skill, her whip encircled his body.

The two powers poured into his body. One was the dark power and the other was the sealing power of the array.

Influenced by these two powers, Ricky's movements slowed down a bit, which was enough for Pearl to suppress him.

'God damn it! It might as well be over, ' Ricky roared inwardly as he realized what was happening.

He was merely a middle spiritual king and it was natural for him to feel afraid and regretful. He had been suppressing the feelings for a long time and they finally burst out of him explosively today.

Bang! Pearl lashed him again on the head, which immediately knocked him out of consciousness.

Instead of killing him, she had just knocked him out.

"Huh! I knew you wouldn't dare kill him! You'll also die if he's dead!" Jacob laughed out loud when he saw what Pearl was doing.

"I should respect you because you're a senior, but I desperately want to kill you right now," Pearl warned him murderously. She vehemently hated being teased by Jacob.

"To tell you the truth, I want so badly for you to kill me because I am just a soul. But, I'll keep presenting until someone could break the Dark and Light Rock Array; or if you have the power equaling an spiritual emperor, that will also do," Jacob said wickedly with an evil grin. He didn't seem even slightly concerned at all about Pearl's threat.

"Also, my little girl, you might have gained energy from the array using your Feminine Mutant, but that doesn't mean you can break the array.

I believe you've tried, or I know you would've killed the young man without a second's hesitation.

Now that you decided not to kill him, that means you're considering, or maybe you've even made up your mind to cultivate the Dark and Light Dual

This second phase was really tricky to reach.

Unless Pearl and Ricky made at least the minor achievement in the first phase, they wouldn't be able to break the center of the Dark and Light Rock Array no matter how hard they tried.

It seemed to have taken Pearl forever to take off Ricky's and her own clothes.

Soon, Ricky woke up.

He found himself sitting on his legs on a dainty flowery bed, with clothes on.

'Is this hell? Am I dead?' That was the first thought came to Ricky's mind in his state of shock, but soon he realized the strange situation that he was in. And, that was Pearl sitting on her legs in mid-air, just like he was.

As a casting master of Spirit Level, he immediately realized that he was in the inside of some spiritual space tool.

'I'm not dead. This is the inside of the spiritual space tool of Pearl, ' Ricky thought to himself.

'Hold on! Why am I here inside her spiritual space tool? Didn't she just kill me?'

Ricky thought in confusion.

Later his eyes were caught by Pearl. He felt something strangely different about her, and also something quite different about himself.

And, then it suddenly dawned on him.

'What the heck? Did the woman just carry out the dual cultivation with me when I was in a coma? She just killed all my dignity as a man!' Ricky thought to himself. He was equally ashamed and embarrassed as he felt resentful towards Pearl.

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