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   Chapter 680 Who Will Win

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At the moment, Pearl's power had really reached its limit after she devoured the power of the Feminine Enlightenment within the array. Technically, her strength was still limited within the realm of a middle spiritual king. However, Ricky could feel Pearl overpower him at that moment.

'I don't expect that after devouring the power in the array, Pearl has possessed such a powerful force that even leaves me feel crushed from deep within, ' Ricky thought with a heavy heart.

"Young man, even if you have in your hands the Heaven Illuminating Fire, you don't seem to have any advantages at all," Jacob communicated with Ricky telepathically.

Jacob naturally wanted both Ricky and Pearl to practice his cultivation method. Right now, he was on Ricky's side.

"You see, the girl has gained the mysterious power of the Feminine Enlightenment from within the Dark and Light Rock Array. Thus, you are, most probably no longer her opponent."

"But, sir, that's the ability of the Feminine Mutant. Do you really have no strength or ability to control the power of the Dark and Light Rock Array?" Ricky asked doubtfully upon hearing what Jacob had told him.

"I have already said that the power here is not within my grasp nor is it under my control. Otherwise, I would have definitely used the power in this array to seize some warrior's body and leave this place. After all, as long as there is a chance to live, no living creature will miss it," Jacob said honestly.

"However, I have a feeling that you have other unknown and advanced skills. If my instincts are right, please show them to me. And I still don't believe that the girl will really kill you. If she kills you, she will lose her last hope."

Jacob instantly went silent the moment he finished his words. He didn't believe that Pearl, who was ambitious and highly skilled in martial arts, would give up the only chance to free herself. As a spiritual emperor during the ancient times, Jacob had already experienced a lot. As such, he was able to see through others.

This was also a form of ruling power that the spiritual emperor possessed. However, it only worked on creatures weaker than the emperors themselves.

"It seems that if I truly desire to withstand Pearl's offensive attack, or defeat her at the very least, then I can only use the power of the Golden Spirit Eyes and the power of the four zones," Ricky murmured, feeling the threat creeping deep within his core.

At this ti

y Pearl?" Ricky wondered with fear in his heart.

Boom! The flaming lotus of the Golden Spirit Eyes had already been completely smashed by the whip, which pierced the zone and surrounded Ricky. Ricky, on the other hand, was expected to be entangled to death like what happened to the flaming lotus.

Without any hesitation, Ricky planned to directly enter the Massacring Zone.

Unfortunately, it was too late when Ricky discovered that the zone had already been blocked, preventing him from getting in.

"Humph!" Pearl snorted. "You want to enter the spiritual space tool in your body? You can only wish you could! Let me just tell you, after I absorbed the feminine power in this array, I naturally gained the sealing power. Thus, the entire area is currently being blocked by my feminine power." The tone of Pearl's voice was cold and harsh.

"Ricky, I told you, didn't I? This time, I will win. I will kill you and conquer my inner demon."

Ricky knew very well that this time he really failed. He knew by the way Pearl spoke to him, that she was dead-set on winning, even if it meant it would be at the cost of Ricky's life.

"Well, am I asking for trouble? I want to defeat Pearl. But, it seems I am the one who will be defeated in this battle," Ricky mocked himself.

To be more precise, he was, in fact, not yet defeated by Pearl. Rather, he was being crushed by the Dark and Light Rock Array. The power of the Dark and Light Rock Array was way above his level, after all.

At the same time, justice was not a common theme in the martial world, for only the fittest and strongest would survive. This was the law of the jungle.

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