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   Chapter 679 Pearl's Powerful Skills

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Boom! Boom!

An intense aura emitted from Ricky and Pearl. Then, the fierce fight between them started in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, their Ultimate Domains crashed towards each other like waves, as they collided head-on with a deafening bang.

"Pearl, you'd better accept my offer. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail in this battle," Ricky said in a low voice. His eyes narrowed as he looked down upon her from his position in the air. Mighty rays of golden lightning crackled from within him, punctuating his cold stare.

Forcing a woman was not the kind of thing he would do, but he was left with no other choice.

"In your dreams! You are nothing but a loser in my eyes. Let me teach you a lesson!" Pearl's voice was tempered steel, her seething rage just as cold and sharp. The chill in her voice seemed to creep towards other parts of her body. Her eyes suffered the most dramatic change. An unnatural sheen fell over them as if a dark lake flooded and froze over her irises.

Her body changed too. The innate energy continued to accumulate inside her. Icy veins pulsed with the exertion, emphasizing the strain as her body reached its limit, and then it calmed. She activated her Feminine Mutant. Pearl transformed into a dark queen with a murderous aura. She took the form of a crystalline sculpture, colored only by the shadows trapped within her ice, her body brimmed with mighty power.

Amid the turmoil of the Dark Gloomy Enlightenment, great surges of dark water flowed freely from Pearl's body, flooding the surrounding area. The chilling air of the gloomy ice pervaded through the field.

"That's impressive. I can't believe she possesses the dark water. To the best of my knowledge, one can resist the attack of the dark ice only when possessing the Feminine Mutant," Jacob murmured to himself. His jaw dropped. It never occurred to him that Pearl might have had a few tricks up her sleeve.

"If my memory serves me right, the dark water is the prize when one passes the second test in the Heavenly Passage. There is a high chance the young man's life will be on the line this time.

I'm afraid that this battle would be long and fraught with danger since Ricky is not a spiritual emperor." he analyzed as his brows furrowed in worry.

"The Feminine Mutant is so powerful! I can't believe that you can activate the dark water in such a short amount of time," Ricky told Pearl as he sensed the strength that radiated from her.

"But one thing you should be aware of is that the dark water can't hurt me."

'What did he say? He doesn't fear the dark water at all?' Staring at Ricky, Jacob was completely dumbfounded by what he said. He wondered how a middle spiritual king would be able to withstand the dark water.

Suddenly, the raging sound of blazing flames erupted from Ricky's body.

Before they could blink, Ricky's body glowed brighter, as the Heaven Illuminating Fire erupted. The gloomy ice that was expanding retreated in great yards, faster than it had spread. It seemed to flee from the lick of fire that covered Ricky's body. It stayed still far away, and an eerie silence fell upon the scene as the world stilled, in an impasse.

It took a long time before Jacob, who was once a spiritual emperor, could recove

nd Pearl were pushed back in great strides by the intense waves of power. It was also their first time to experience the power of the Dark and Light Rock Array.

They all felt the array's unbeatable strength. Time seemed to rewind as they watched the array mend itself back together to create an almost pristine space. It was a display of extremely potent power, making it clear that it was way stronger than them all.

Almost simultaneously, it occurred to them that if they wanted to get out of here, they would have no choice but to learn the Dark and Light Dual Cultivation Method.

"Pearl, I believe that you saw it too. It is beyond our capacity to break the power of the Dark and Light Rock Array. So I think..." Ricky trailed, trying to persuade her to accept his offer again. His face grew severer as he analyzed the critical situation.

Ricky felt shy, too, of asking the same thing from a woman who had already made her refusal clear.

However, there was no other choice. He didn't want to die here and turn into one of the floating rocks in this scary place for the rest of his life. That was the last thing he wanted.

"Stop dreaming about that! I will beat the hell out of you!" The edge in Pearl's voice brokered no arguments and she was rigid in her refusal. A look of complete disdain appeared on her face as she stared straight at Ricky.

"Feminine Devouring Skill!" Pearl roared as she summoned her skill.

As her voice faded away, a domineering aura exuded from within Pearl. The fierce eyes of the dark shadow behind her suddenly opened again, forming into two dark awls. To Ricky's surprise, they didn't fly towards him. Instead, they dashed towards the dark area of the Dark and Light Rock Array at full speed.

Wherever the dark awls went, they frantically absorbed the remnants of Dark Gloomy Enlightenment in the air. All the power that had been assimilated then transferred into Pearl's body, enriching her strength.

"I can't believe that her Feminine Devouring Skill can work like that!" Ricky murmured to himself in surprise as his face grew serious. A feeling of anxiety washed over him as he started to worry about his future.

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