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   Chapter 678 High-handed Ricky

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Jacob was pretty excited after hearing what Ricky had just said. For countless years, as a part of his soul that lacked the freedom he used to have, he had been staying in this Dark and Light Rock Array and only had himself to talk to. It was a very lonely experience that he had almost forgotten how it was to talk to someone else. To his great surprise, he had finally met the young man who would make him want to talk again.

What surprised him even more was what happened next. It made him more interested and even put him in a happy mood.

Under the circumstances, Jacob was really wondering in his heart what could happen with Ricky and Pearl. He was curious about what their choices would be. In addition, he thought that it would still be so much fun for him no matter what their decisions would be in the end.

Deep in his heart, he thought that it was a good thing to get a chance and see something interesting before finally disappearing as a soul. With all that in mind, he could not help but put a smile on his face, something he hadn't done in a long time.

"Sir, first of all, this shouldn't be funny, so can you please stop laughing at it? In addition, please do consider to set up another challenge for us. I won't complain at all even if the new challenge ends up being ten times more difficult than the one that you just said," Ricky said in a serious tone as he stared at Jacob. Although he looked calm at that moment, he was feeling helpless with Jacob's test. However, he did not want to reveal his true emotions at all in front of the others. He tried his best to convince Jacob to change his mind.

"Well, do you not understand that I'm just a soul? I can't believe that you think that I'm still capable of controlling the Dark and Light Rock Array," Jacob replied after hearing Ricky's words. "As you can see, I'm nothing more than a lost soul. If it wasn't for the protection of the power from the array right here, any creature would have already killed me in one breath without much effort.

In addition, if I had that kind of power, I would have already tried getting out of this hellhole a long time ago. I would never ever spend another second in this place if I had a choice!

Believe me or not, all I want at this moment is a creature to come and pass the test for me to finally get my freedom. Life in here as a soul isn't that great. You guys have no idea how awful things could be after living in this world for a long time. Believe me, staying in the world too long will only make you feel disgusted towards everything you encounter.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that you two work together for this test.

You two have the perfect physical conditions for dual cultivation given that she has the Feminine Mutant while what you have is superior to the Massacring Mutant. You have no idea how blessed the two of you are to have such strong physical attributes for cultivation. So why cling on to hatred or other worldly ideas that will only hold you back? The law of this martial world is just as cruel as the law of the jungle. The weak shall always fall to the strong.

I know it is not easy to find your so-called soul mate in a world like this. However, if you two are willing to do the dual cultivation, I'm sure that your genuine feelings towards each other would arise in no time. Now you only have one and only choice here, which is to abandon the hatred you have in your hearts and practice together. Otherwise, the only thing that awaits you is to become rotten skeletons.

Look down at the skeletons in those rocks. It'll be too late to say any

"It looks like you have already made up your mind, am I right?" Jacob asked immediately as he felt that something had changed in Ricky's tone. He could tell that Ricky had already made his decision in his mind.

Ricky did not answer Jacob's question directly but instead turned to look at Pearl.

"Pearl, I don't care what you're thinking of at this moment. I just want you to know that dying in this place is the last thing that I want for the both of us," Ricky calmly stated in a firm voice.

"So, for the rest of our remaining time, while you and I are stuck in here, I will need you to finish the cultivation method with me. I don't care whether you're willing to do this or not, you have to follow my lead so that we can finally get out of here. That's the only thing I need from you right now."

Boom! To prepare for everything, Ricky released the full momentum from his body as he spoke, fully aware that Pearl would not agree with him right away.

As for Ricky, he was not willing to do what he had to do in order to awaken Pearl's source of feminine energy, which meant that he had to make love to her. However, he was not willing to die there as well. This must be the only way out. They had to do the dual cultivation as Jacob had said earlier. If he was lying, there should not be as many dead creatures in this place. After all, those who were able to enter this place were geniuses with high cultivation levels. Given that glimmer of hope, he would not allow her refusal to impede his survival.

"Ha-ha! That's nice! This is exactly how a man should be! I like your overbearing character right now. Keep it up." After Ricky's words, Jacob could not help but laugh out loud.

"We should always keep justice in our hearts. And this is our responsibility as creatures from the continent. However, we have to accomplish more using some arbitrary measures. And now, this is exactly one of those moments. Ha-ha!"

"Sir, you'd better stop talking or laughing right now. Or I will be the one to blow you away!" Ricky stated as he gave Jacob a serious look after hearing him laugh.

For a moment after Ricky's words, silence filled the area once again.

"Ricky, how dare you say this?! Don't you have any idea that you're asking for trouble by saying all of that?!" Pearl responded out of fury after Ricky's statement. Her murderous intent immediately grew more intense as she spoke.

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