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   Chapter 677 A Big Problem

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Upon saying these words in excitement, Ricky looked at Pearl with glee. However, their joy might have been short lived when they suddenly realized that it was all too good to be true and that it wasn't as simple as they thought it would be.

If the test was to master Jacob's cultivation method, then why did so many creatures die here?

"Hey, what's up? Is there any problem?" Jacob said lightly after noticing the sudden silence form Ricky and Pearl.

"As a matter of fact, sir, yes there are. We noticed that all the rocks floating around have skeletons in them, and these skeletons are from the creatures who failed in this Dark and Light Rock Array," Ricky reported.

"You're right about that. When they all failed, they had their bodies trapped in this array. After they died, their bodies were wrapped in rocks which would float in this space forever," Jacob confirmed.

"Maybe one day, this Dark and Light Rock Array will disintegrate all by itself, and their skeletons will be exposed again!

By the way, I have already collected the storage rings. And if you are able to pass the test, I will give them to you. This can be regarded as a contribution to the creatures on the continent. But I shall ask you one thing in return—you should kill more devils in the future."

"Sir, now that we know that so many creatures have failed, I think that we, too, might suffer the same fate and will probably have less chances to survive. In other words, it is not enough to pass the test by practicing a single cultivation method. It seems that this is not as simple as you said it was," Ricky said.

"At this point, it is not necessary for me to give you two juniors false hopes. It is true that a single cultivation method is enough and there is no time limit in doing so. It is simple as that. What's more, I have faith in the both of you and I'm sure that you will succeed. And that is why I have talked you into this," Jacob said upon hearing Ricky's words.

But his words struck Ricky and Pearl with curiosity.

"Sir, if I may ask, why are you so sure that the both of us can succeed?" Pearl asked.

"As I have already told you from the beginning, you own the Feminine Mutant. On the other hand, even though he doesn't own the Massacring Mutant, what he owns is superior to it," Jacob said with a smile on his face.

"Does it mean that his cultivation method needs tw

really your cultivation method? If so, can you practice it alone?" Ricky asked Jacob after a moment of tranquility.

"Ha-ha, I am the Dark and Light Mutant, with the dark and light power in my body. That means that any woman would be suitable for me," Jacob said with a smile upon hearing Ricky's inquiry.

"Why do you two still feel shy? In the moment of life and death, you two should make a combination to cultivate even if you are enemies. Otherwise, you will stay here together with the skeletons in the rocks. Would you like that to happen? I don't think so.

And besides, one of you owns the Feminine Mutant, and what the other owns is superior to the Massacring Mutant. You are an ideal couple created by nature. This cultivation method is almost perfect for you in every way."

Cold pea-like sweat started to form on Ricky's body after he heard Jacob's words.

Standing beside them, Pearl, too, looked so helpless like there was no other option.

"Sir, to tell you the truth, Ricky and I are really mortal enemies, and the forces behind us are also the same. But I believe that there is no other option now. We have no choice but to make a temporary combination to face the situation," Pearl said in a slight sigh.

"So in that case, it is impossible for us to cultivate together. Is there any other way out of here?"

Having heard Ricky's helpless words, Jacob felt more interested on how this situation was going to go.

And then he laughed. "Ha-ha! How interesting! I didn't expect you to be mortal enemies. What can I say? This makes things more interesting now."

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