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   Chapter 675 Exchange

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That black flame was none other than the Heaven Illuminating Fire.

Wasn't it said that the dark water could freeze weak creatures and everything else? Ricky wanted to check whether it could freeze his Heaven Illuminating Fire.

As Ricky had expected, the Heaven Illuminating Fire burned the dark ice.

Additionally, not just the ice on Ricky's body, but also the ice in the whole area was covered by Heaven Illuminating Fire in an instant.

Under Ricky's control, the attack of the Heaven Illuminating Fire didn't burn or hurt Pearl at all.

And just in a little while, under the scorching heat of the Heaven Illuminating Fire, all the ice in the whole area turned into cold gas and flowed back into the dark water.

After seeing this unfold in front of her, Pearl was struck dumb and stood frozen.

How could it be possible? How was this black flame able to burn the cold ice condensed by dark water? Pearl thought incredulously as she was completely stunned.

She had really miscalculated this time. What Ricky had done was far beyond her imagination.

To make matters worse, the black flame broken out by Ricky could even burn the incredibly cold ice. Undoubtedly, this flame could burn anything and everything.

This time, Ricky had shocked her with his trump card once again.

Maybe Ricky possessed other powerful trump cards as well which were even stronger than the power of his golden eyes, or maybe he didn't. At this moment, Ricky's real strength was the mystery, like being covered with a supremely fine veil that didn't allow Pearl to see through him.

"Pearl, it seems that you don't have to help right now," Ricky smiled smugly, looking at Pearl.

"Humph!" Pearl snorted at Ricky's self-satisfied grin.

Right then, Ricky no longer had any hesitation. He manipulated the Heaven Illuminating Fire to change into a cage, using it to envelop the remaining half of the dark water. Then he put that half of the dark water into the Devourer Zone.

When she saw Ricky collect the remaining half of the black water, Pearl's eyes turned slightly reluctant. That was because the dark water really made an extremely strong effect on her Feminine Mutant.

At this point, had they not committed already to fight together, Pearl would have rushed to R

ugh they both said so on the face, in their hearts, each was confident that their progress would be greater than the other person's.

After the exchange, the two moved on and were ready to face the third test of the Heavenly Passage. They both looked forward to it. That was because only by obtaining the Massacring Antenna from the third test could they be entitled to take part in the battle for the inheritance of Massacring Holy Ant tribe.


After half an hour, the Heavenly Passage changed again in a jiffy. They were transported to another place and could feel the power everywhere. Apparently, they had entered another array.

This time, the array was a rock zone.

All around them was rock, and even in the middle of the air, huge chunks of rock were floating.

This rock zone was divided into two parts. Half of the zone was permeated with the massacring power, and the other half was permeated with the dark power.

It seemed that this rock array was a combination of the previous Golden Light Array and Dark Nether Array.

"It feels like this is an array with dual attributes. Next, about how to go about breaking the array, I think that it's quite obvious to both you and me. You deal with the dark part of the array and I will deal with the massacring part," Ricky said to Pearl after he took a look at the array.

"That's for sure. I wonder whether the so-called Massacring Antenna is really in this rock array and what exactly the test of this array is," Pearl speculated out loud.

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