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   Chapter 674 Pearl Made A Mistake

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Hearing Pearl's words, both Ricky and Tina were stunned. It was way beyond their imagination to see the real dark water with their own eyes.

If the Massacring Sand was a kind of treasure with the lightest attribute, then the dark water was the one with the darkest and coldest attribute.

The dark water was also a Treasure from Heaven and Earth.

The dark water was perfect for Pearl, who had the Feminine Mutant, just like the Massacring Sand and Massacring Soil were good for Ricky's Source of Golden Body.

At that moment, Ricky finally understood why Pearl was very excited.

He also understood why Pearl asked him to move a hundred feet back. She wanted to protect him.

The dark water had the darkest form of power that everything within a certain radius would be frozen, even it was a middle spiritual king.

Pearl had the Feminine Mutant which meant she was the only one strong enough to bear the immense dark power of the dark water.

"Ricky, I didn't know it would be the dark water. It may not be as strong as the Massacring Sand, but it is still one of a kind. We are at the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe. Things are sure to develop towards the opposite direction once things become extreme. Maybe this is why there is dark water here!" said Tina in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

"Yes, maybe that is the reason." Ricky nodded after hearing Tina's claims.

"Though I don't own the Feminine Mutant myself, and not a practitioner of any feminine spiritual energy, I can also absorb great energy from the dark water and turn it into my own using the four zones. This is also another opportunity for me." Ricky was excited as well.

"However, how will you collect the dark water? Even if you have the sacred fire, it won't be easy for you to get close to it. After all, the fire released by you should match your own level," said Tina in a worried voice.

"I still have to give it a shot!" said Ricky.

At that moment, a puddle of dark water appeared at the center of the

lf so close to the dark water?" said Pearl in disbelief after seeing what was happening.

Right then, Pearl knew that she had miscalculated.

However, she was still confident, "Humph! There is no way you can get over the final thirty feet area."

Crack! Crack!

Right at that moment, she heard the cracking of the ice. Within the thirty feet area, the dark ice began to appear on Ricky's body that was covered in his flames.

The dark ice began to spread all over his body starting from his feet.

"Humph!" Seeing this, Pearl felt a lot better.

But she was also ready to help if she needed to. She didn't want Ricky to die as long as Henry and the other two were still alive.

"Ricky, you can ask for my help if you're having trouble dealing with it yourself," Pearl said arrogantly.

"I am not used to asking a woman for help!" Ricky replied.

"Is that so? Then please feel free to turn into a frozen dark sculpture!" Pearl said unhappily after hearing Ricky's words.

She hated anyone that wouldn't ask for help when put in a difficult situation, even though she was one of them as well.

"The dark power may be able to freeze other middle spiritual kings, but I won't let it do anything to me," said Ricky in a cold voice as his red eyes turned dark.


His entire body was then engulfed in dark flames.

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