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   Chapter 673 Dark Water

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As her momentum rose, Pearl's two devouring awls went straight to the big horrifying mouth.

It was supposed to be a fierce collision but it ended up with one force dominating the other. As the two devouring awls approached their target, the big horrifying mouth broke down and dispersed.

The dark nether energy left by the big horrifying mouth was then immediately devoured by the two devouring awls.

Then at lightning speed, the two devouring awls entered the belly of the Dark Nether Beast. It was simply impossible for the Dark Nether Beast to overcome the devouring awls at that moment.

Every attack the Dark Nether Beast launched were immediately devoured by the devouring awls.

"How could this be possible? I didn't expect Pearl to be able to comprehend such great devouring power," Ricky sighed with emotions as he saw what was happening.

At that moment, he had no choice but to admit that his comprehension of the devouring power would have been far behind Pearl's if he didn't have help from the Devourer Zone.

"Maybe this indicates how powerful the owner of the Feminine Mutant could be, Ricky," Tina said. "Pearl will be regarded as a top genius even if she goes to the Middle Land. Her Feminine Mutant is more than enough to ensure that she would have that level of reputation."

"The mutant power is really mesmerizing," Ricky sighed in awe.

He didn't expect Pearl's mutant to be this powerful.

The next moment, the Dark Nether Beast screamed in great pain. After the two devouring awls entered its belly, its entire body began to fall apart. Undoubtedly, the two devouring awls were rapidly devouring the power of the Dark Nether Beast.

That was because the Feminine Mutant had the ability to restrain all kinds of feminine power.

Soon enough, the Dark Nether Beast disappeared completely. Only the two infernal devouring awls were left in its place as they hovered in the air. The two devouring awls then returned to the shadow behind Pearl.

By then, the Dark Nether Island stopped shrinking, which indicated that they had already passed the Dark Nether Array.

As soon as the dark nether energy disappeared, two huge gusts of

voice. "Are you saying that you want to drop your benefactor the moment you no longer need my help?"

"No. If that was the case, then I would not have told you to keep away from the center for a hundred feet," Pearl said.

"It seems that this opportunity can satisfy you very much. With that in mind, I'm going to back off like you said. It's not because I don't believe that I can't take the opportunity away," Ricky said.

He then jumped backwards about a hundred feet like she said.

Although he was away from the center, he felt increasingly cold as time passed by. The coldness was overwhelming to both his mind and body.

As a result, he had no other choice but to activate the chaotic fire runes, in order to resist the coldness with the infernal power. It was not until he burst the Heaven Melting Fire that he was finally able to block the coldness.

"The flames on your body are marvelous! They are able to resist the coldness," Pearl commented as she saw Ricky utilize the roaring flames.

By then, the dark nether energy had already finished condensing at the center of the island. It seemed to have formed a puddle of black spring water.

At the same time, Ricky could still feel some of the coldness despite having the protection of his Heaven Melting Fire.

"Now you can tell me what the next opportunity is," Ricky said.

"It's dark water, dark water with a purity of one hundred percent," Pearl said solemnly.

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