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   Chapter 672 The Feminine Devouring Skill

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When Ricky threw his fist, the Dark Nether Beast also formed another enlightening passage and threw its four fists in an attempt to counter Ricky's fist. They collided with each other once again.

Boom! Boom!

A loud explosion echoed through the skies. Amidst the turbulence, Ricky was no longer blown up into the air like he did earlier. Instead, both Ricky and the Dark Nether Beast were pushed a few steps back.

It seemed that the fight was about to end in a draw. None of them were able to dominate their opponent this time.

"What? Ricky just successfully defended himself from that beast!" Pearl murmured to herself in surprise after seeing the situation. "The runic power, is it really capable of manipulating the Massacring Sand? If yes, then it is truly mesmerizing.

It seems that he doesn't even need the power hidden from his eyes this time."

Now that she was unable to see what she had wanted, Pearl decided to do something useful. Without any hesitation, she waved her whip and whipped it towards the Dark Nether Beast. The whip hit the beast on its chest.

Pearl wanted to see which part of the beast was the most fragile so she took advantage of it being distracted by Ricky's attacks.

'It seems that I was right! Before I refine the Massacring Sand, I can use it as a weapon to fight as long as I utilize both the Massacring Zone and the massacring runes in manipulating it!' Ricky exclaimed in his heart. He was also surprised by the result of the battle.

"Attention! It seems like the chest is not its weakest part," Pearl notified Ricky as soon as she could.

"We have to keep trying until we find its weakest part! I may not be able to defeat it now but it cannot defeat me as well. I'll keep attacking it," Ricky said with confidence.

The next moment, he launched another attack and entangled himself with the Dark Nether Beast. Another ferocious exchange was about to begin.

Pearl, on the other hand, continued to attack different parts of the beast.

As a matter of fact, Pearl had already sensed which part of the beast was the most fragile thanks to her Feminine Mutant. She somehow felt it since the very beginning when the Dark Nether Beast first appeared.

The Feminine Mutant was very powerful. The feminine power from it was the purest form of dark power in the world. Taking that into consideration, the power owned by the beast was much weaker than Pearl's feminine power.

That was the reason why the owner of the Feminine Mutant was able to feel the weakest part of other creatures that also owned any form of dark power.

Pearl had not told R

ld by the Oriental College.

"Well, I hate to admit it but I would prefer it if you defeat the beast. Truth to be told, I couldn't find any other way to deal with it. So please show me how capable your devouring power is,"

Ricky said in a flat tone.

The giant mouth created by the Dark Nether Beast had already approached Pearl within a few seconds.

When the mouth reached her, the devouring power that had been waiting in her black eyes finally burst out. It then melted with the feminine enlightening power before turning into two swirls that dashed out ferociously.

That was the time when Pearl had broken out the power that belonged to her Feminine Mutant.

It could be seen that wherever Pearl laid her eyes on, the dark power in that area would be manipulated by her. Even the dark nether energy that belonged to the Dark Nether Beast was easily controlled by her as well.

'That is the real power of the Feminine Mutant! I'll have to admit that my devouring power is definitely weaker than hers, ' Ricky sighed in surprise as he saw what was happening in front of him.

Now, he was certain that Pearl would be able to defeat the beast altogether.

"You are merely not as strong as her when faced with the Dark Nether Beast, Ricky. Don't feel frustrated. You can be considered to have the Devouring Mutant. Scratch that, your mutant is more powerful than the Devouring Mutant!" Tine comforted Ricky in a soft voice.

Ricky had helped her in removing the terrible evil spirit from her body. That fact was solid enough to prove his power and ability. Even the powerful warriors from her own clan were unable to do that when they tried.

"Ha-ha! You know me very well, Tina," Ricky said to her before laughing.

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