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   Chapter 671 Fusing The Massacring Sand With The Ultimate Golden Body

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'It seems that Pearl wishes to prove herself this time, ' Ricky thought, shifting his attention back to the fight. He planted his feet firmly on the ground and braced himself.

A thundering roar shook the whole area!

The Dark Nether Beast went straight for its prey like an angry giant ape. Every step it took to lunge towards Ricky rocked the ground like a deadly earthquake. While it charged, its four fists enveloped by dark forces crashed into the ground in turn like meteorites falling to the earth, as if to vent its anger. The quakes quickly spread out and threatened to tear the ground apart.

"Since your Feminine Mutant could detect the beast's weakest spots, I will try to distract it as long as I can, while you seize the chance to find its weaknesses," Ricky told Pearl.

The beast didn't wait for a decision to be made. Every second only made them closer to death. Wasting no time, Ricky activated the second level of Ultimate Golden Body amidst his fires. Explosive energy unleashed from within him, making him look less vulnerable in the face of the violent Dark Nether Beast.

"Mm hmm! This place is filled with dark nether energy. I'm afraid we don't stand any chance of bringing the beast down if we can't finish it with a single strike. The more we infuriate it, the more dark nether energy it could absorb from the air. Attacking its weaknesses is the only way out," Pearl nodded.

"One hour. Give me one hour and I will find out the beast's weak spots."

"Really? That's a lot quicker than I imagined," Ricky answered with a small smile, not missing the chance to tease her.

Having agreed on the strategy, Ricky commanded the Ultimate Golden Body and rushed to the beast. His defense was quickly formed in the process—the chaotic fire runes fused with the massacring runes, and went on to merge with the strength of the massacring power and the seven kinds of fires. In a flash, an enormous shield of roaring flames and massacring power appeared above Ricky's head. Simultaneously, the second level of Ultimate Golden Body raised its two arms and crossed them before Ricky to protect him.


In a heartbeat, the Dark Nether Beast attacked Ricky's protective barrier with the four of its unstoppable huge fists, causing waves of roaring flames and massacring power to fly in random directions. Following the harsh metallic sound, surges of destructive energy lashed out from the collision and dismembered everything in their paths that couldn't take the damage.

'I'm afraid this Dark Nether Beast has now become the strongest creature in this Land of Legacy. All the energies on this land are now flowing in its body and enhancing its attacks. Let's see how long you can hold out, Ricky, ' Pearl thought, with a mix of worry and wonder inside of her. From the impact of the clash between the two forces, she could tell it was going to be a rather tough battle.

Besides winning the battle, she also wished that the beast could push Ricky's limits and force him to activate the power of his eyes once more.


Just when Pearl was thinking of the battle's aftermath, she heard a loud cracking sound. It was like a big tree snapped in a storm.

It was the shield. A huge crack appeared on the barrier above Ricky's head. Before he could do anything to repair it, the gash

t of his Massacring Sand. Now the question was what role it was to play in his "good idea."

As the Massacring Sand flowed and merged with the massacring runes, Ricky had gained better control of it. Although he was still unable to fuse the sand with the Ultimate Golden Body completely, he was sure to let these two blend into each other for a limited time.

It was all thanks to the Massacring Zone and massacring runes, and it was how amazing the things they could achieve together.

The sand assembled all of a sudden and wrapped itself tightly all over the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. The light it gave off burst, becoming much brighter than it was seconds ago. The golden light that encircled the Ultimate Golden Body was so blinding that it looked as if the body had grown bigger.

"Even though the combination of my Ultimate Golden Body and the Massacring Sand is only temporary, I bet it's more than enough to resist this beast for an hour," Ricky declared, grinning like a triumphant child.

'For god's sake, is he serious? I never knew that the Massacring Sand could be fused this way. So a warrior could indeed control the Massacring Sand as he wishes through runic power?' Pearl couldn't help but exclaim in her heart at the sight of what Ricky had done, though she felt a bit disappointed.

'Even if you could hold out for an hour with this trick, I do hope that things won't go along with your plan. In fact, as long as you are forced to use the power of your eyes in the end, I don't mind how bad our situation is going to be!' Pearl cursed venomously.

"Your opponent is here, Dark Nether Beast!" Ricky shouted. "Now have a taste of the strength and fury of the Massacring Sand." Ricky yelled and drew the monster's attention back to him. His voice was low and cold yet with a ton of confidence. The Dark Nether Beast was enraged. It changed its direction and went straight for Ricky again.

At his command, the chaotic fire runes and massacring runes sped up and shot upwards. They converged and spun directly to the Dark Nether Beast, like they were opening a way for Ricky's upcoming attack. Without delay, the Ultimate Golden Body swung its golden fist following the runes.

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