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   Chapter 670 Dark Nether Island

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"I won't be able to kill Pearl because the spiritual emperor of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce must have given her some life-saving treasure, just like Doris had left her spiritual hologram in the airship," Ricky revealed.

"You think a lot, but you are absolutely right," Tina nodded, grasping what Ricky had just said.

"If that's what you think, then I will accept the Massacring Sand," Pearl answered. She no longer insisted on refusing to accept Ricky's plan, and took away the other half of the Massacring Sand.

"That's wonderful!" Ricky nodded with a satisfied smile.

Back then, Ricky had already separated a part of the Massacring Sand that was stored in the Massacring Zone and went on to refine it.

Of course, his refining process was very slow. After all, he was not yet specialized in that particular skill.

That very moment, the Golden Light Array receded slowly. Ricky and Pearl returned to the Heavenly Passage again.

"Henry has already said that there are three tests, and we just passed the first one. In other words, there are still two more waiting for us. The so-called Massacring Antenna should be in the final test," Ricky said.

"We don't know how difficult this second test will be, especially in comparison with the Golden Light Array," Pearl murmured.

"It will definitely be more difficult," Ricky stated. He had already been expecting tougher and more difficult tests lying ahead of them.

The two of them walked side by side once more towards the depths of the Heavenly Passage.

About half an hour or so had passed, and the passage morphed into a portal. They soon found themselves being surrounded by the force of some array. What followed was the two were transported into a gloomy island made up of mostly rocks.

The color of the island was gloomy and gray. It was almost the size of a small city.

The area surrounding the island was completely dark. It was extremely notable how the full-bodied dark power gathered from all corners of the land and spread towards the island.

Moreover, the periphery of the island seemed to be shrinking. That was to say, the island was getting smaller by the second. Judging by the rate at which it continuously diminished in size, it might only take about ten hours before the gray island disappeared completely.

Once the island disappeared, he and Pearl would sink into the endless depths of the dark power around them.

From Ricky's perspective, the endless dark power only gave him the impression of death and danger.

"What is the test this time?" Ricky muttered.

Similar to what took place in the Golden Light Array, two messages appeared in the void and entered the minds of Ricky and Pearl.

"This place is called the Dar

heads and looked extremely ferocious. It also had four dark and thick arms.

The roar it emitted was so extremely deep and loud that it seemed to shake both heaven and earth. It made the whole Dark Nether Island shudder with fear.

Almost involuntarily, Pearl's and Ricky's faces darkened with tension. They were expecting the worst, but this was far beyond what they had anticipated. They sensed an indomitable power that was more serious than the Golden Light Array.

"This Dark Nether Beast is very powerful. Maybe our combined forces will not be enough to defeat it," Ricky murmured solemnly.

Boom! Boom! Not having anything else to say, Ricky then let the flames soar and turn into armor to wrap his whole body. The seven magnificent flames also surrounded him.

Pearl also activated the Feminine Mutant, transforming herself into the form of a dark queen.

"We will strike at this Dark Nether Beast from the front and the back!" Pearl exclaimed, having carefully assessed their chances against the beast. "Then, I will use the Feminine Mutant to feel and find the weakness of this huge beast."

"Oh?" Ricky grinned. He thought that he really must give it to Pearl for being so brave, unfazed and sharp even in the face of impending danger. "I haven't expected that your Feminine Mutant would have such an intellectual effect on you. If you've made up your mind, then I have no choice but to support you."

"Ricky, it seems that Pearl wants to earn your awe and respect once again," Tina smiled slightly.

"This isn't news, though, Tina. I mean, how can a proud person like Pearl allow herself to be rescued by others?" Ricky said with a shrug. Pearl really was just being herself. There was nothing outstanding or weird about her proposal and her willingness to take charge of the situation they were in.

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