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   Chapter 668 Should I Save Her Or Not

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However, before the two of them could launch another attack, there were blares that were accompanied by a diffusing golden light. The three other golden pillars were all surrounded by golden lights, all of which contained power equal to the limit level of a middle spiritual king.

Everything that was taking place at that moment could be reflected through the light curtain.

All of a sudden, the attack encountered by Ricky and Pearl quadrupled in number.

The golden lights seemed to have doubled in speed, and Ricky and Pearl didn't have enough time to dodge or defend themselves.

"The second level of Ultimate Golden Body!" Without any hesitation, Ricky used the second level of Ultimate Golden Body to shield them inside.

Cling! Clang! The golden lights ended up landing a direct hit on the second level of Ultimate Golden Body and bounced back in the Golden Light Array.

The golden arrow had left deep marks on the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. The impact it left was a clear demonstration of how powerful it was.

"How formidable the array is!" Pearl said while still being able to remain calm. The recent attack was, indeed, packed with power, but it would take more than that to make her shiver or twitch her eyebrow.

Also, it seemed as though she had her own way of dodging the golden light even without the protection of Ricky's Ultimate Golden Body.

Ricky second level of Ultimate Golden Body had reached the major achievement after he had successfully refined the Massacring Sand. Massacring Sand was, after all, deemed to be a true treasure.

"You really have a magnificent golden body." Pearl also noticed the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. Her face shifted into a more serious expression.

If the golden arrow alone could already speak for the extreme power possessed by the Land of Legacy, and yet the only serious impact it could leave on the second level of Ultimate Golden Body was a few scratches and marks, then there was no way that Pearl could destroy it.

As such, she would only be at a disadvantageous position in the life-and-death battle she was going to have with Ricky.

"Well, if it wasn't magnificent, we'd probably be dead by now," Ricky smiled. "Let's fig

ad visible specks of fear glistening around them.

Maybe it was the first time she had ever felt real fear.

She had thought about it, but she didn't imagine her strongest move would be crushed so effortlessly and that the golden pillars would be able to recover with quite a powerful counter-attack.

The attack was definitely powerful and unexpected. Pearl didn't have any time to react or protect herself. Had she slowed down for just a millisecond, she would have probably been shredded into pieces by the four golden blades.

"Should I save her or not?"

For some reason, Ricky hesitated.

Ricky knew of two ways that he could save Pearl from the powerful golden blades. The first one was to utilize the Chaotic Fire Zone, and the second was to use the Golden Spirit Eyes.

But part of him strongly wanted to prevent exposing any of the two moves to Pearl, as much as possible.

Yet, he could also see right before him that Pearl was in real danger. He knew and felt that she was definitely hiding something from him. Looking more closely, Pearl was immobilized and unable to use any of her moves. This meant that she was really in a hopeless situation.

"Should I save her or not?" Ricky asked himself again, feeling the pressure add up as the clock continued to tick.

"Ricky, you should save her." There was another voice in his head. It was Tina's. "At least, you have to...right now. Or else, it means that you don't have the confident to beat her fair and square."

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