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   Chapter 667 The Golden Light Array

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Ricky fixed his gaze at Thiago.

"Ricky, everyone has friends who share the same personality. Henry and I are that kind of friends. If my secrecy is letting you down, I can do nothing but sincerely apologize," Thiago said lightly.

"Don't worry, Thiago. I hold no resentments, just mere curiosity of how you and Henry become friends," Ricky said. "I understand what you mean. Let's move on and go our own separate ways.

I hope we can all run the race smoothly and reap the Massacring Antennae. Otherwise, none of us will obtain the inheritance."

"Ha-ha! Ricky, you're an ace genius. I surely believe that you can do it," Henry smiled, after hearing what Ricky said. "But I'm a little worried that you two will start fighting in the passage. I know both of you are known to have a cat-and-mouse relationship."

"Henry, please be assured that I won't do any harm to Ricky before the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe appears," Pearl said.

"Ricky, I am afraid those three would rather have you get the Massacring Antenna," Tina said to Ricky telepathically. "I suspect they chose the Golden Passage because they knew something about it."

"It's logical that they know a lot about this place since they seem to know everything about these two passages," Ricky said. "Don't worry. They will not do anything to us until Pearl and I have collected the Massacring Antenna."

Before long, Ricky and Pearl entered the Heavenly Passage while Henry and his companions entered the Golden Passage.


"Henry, do you really think that Ricky and Pearl have what it takes to pass the tests of the Heavenly Passage and obtain another Massacring Antenna successfully?" Yori said through their telepathic link soon after entering the Golden Passage.

"I think I can follow them both secretly."

"Don't look down on an ace genius. Although we do not know what tests the Heavenly Passage holds for them, the luck of an ace genius is undeniable," Henry said.

"Our plan is to take advantage of his luck and obtain the Massacring Antenna in the Heavenly Passage for ourselves. I'm sure you two are just dying to get your hands on it. We have been kept hidden for countless years. It is time to unleash our power. The inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe will be ours and only ours. B

Pearl suggested as she moved and ducked the rays quickly.

"That's worth a shot. Let's gather all our power and attack one of the golden pillars together," Ricky agreed.

"Ok! Let's do this!" Pearl nodded.

The next moment, their momentum and power were ready to be unleashed. Ricky used his Massacring Golden Palm, attacking the golden pillar directly.

Pearl's Dark Enlightenment surged out with forceful violence. It transformed into a black whip, and lashed furiously at the golden pillar.

However, the golden pillar seemed to have a life of its own. It instantly recalled the golden beams and then fused them all together into a strong and sharp golden arrow. The formidable structure before their eyes resisted every attack they hurled at it.

Boom! Boom!

Loud noises erupted around the collision. Unfortunately, Ricky's and Pearl's attacks only lasted for a while before they collapsed. Then, the golden arrow continued to quickly fly towards the two of them.

"What a powerful force of this golden light!" Ricky said with shock on his face after seeing this.

Although his and Pearl's attacks were not with all their strength in this attack, they were still as good as ninety percent of all their might. What they could not imagined was that their attacks were defeated by the golden pillar.

However, the two did not accept defeat. They mustered their power immediately and made much stronger attacks to resist the golden arrow. They knew very well that even the slightest pause could cost them their lives.

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