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   Chapter 666 Heavenly Passage And Golden Passage

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"Thiago, if it is possible, I hope we still remain as friends. If we can't be friends anymore, I hope at least we are not enemies," Ricky said.

Meanwhile, he hinted at Soar with his eyes, giving him the tip to retreat. As far as everything had gone, there was no point in asking about those things. Nothing mattered anymore as long as the friendship between Soar and him didn't change.

Soar naturally knew what Ricky meant. He then landed on a golden platform.

No one was right or wrong concerning Thiago or them. Their disagreement was perhaps due to the differences of their moral values.

In Thiago's view, there was no such thing as trust or brotherhood in a world where the strong dominated the weak. So he would never display his full strength unless he was faced with life-and-death situations.

Ricky and Soar, on the other hand, believed there was a genuine life-and-death brotherhood forged between them despite being in such a cruel world of martial arts.

"Ricky, we won't be enemies. Anyway, I don't have the guts to make an enemy of you, an ace genius," Thiago said upon hearing Ricky's words.

Ricky nodded slightly in response.

As they had different perceptions towards martial arts, there was no chance for them to become good friends.

Afterwards, everyone in the area calmed down. Ricky and the other four seated themselves on the Holy Ant Platforms with their legs crossed. They waited quietly for the platforms to take them to the land of inheritance. The other warriors also occupied golden platforms for themselves to cultivate.

Sure enough, they had to wait for the five to enter the land of inheritance if they wanted to fully devote themselves to the cultivation.

"Pearl, I sincerely want to form an alliance with you after we enter the land of inheritance," Ricky said to Pearl through their telepathic connection after he seated himself down.

"Really? Form an alliance with me? I have to admit, I'm really surprised." Pearl felt a little uncertain upon what Ricky just said. "I want to know the reason why you want me as your ally. After all, we have always been each other's enemies. There is no trust between us at all."

"My reason is plain and simple. My inst

said lightly upon hearing Henry's words. "Then what do you plan to choose for the next step? Shall we have a life-and-death duel right here in the square?"

"Ha-ha, it is too early to have one right now. It's not the right time," Henry said lightly with a faint smile.

"Yori, Thiago and I will choose the Golden Passage and try to get the antenna inside it. Ricky and Pearl can choose the Heavenly Passage and try to obtain the antenna there. I think this is fair for all of us. Ricky, you have no reason to reject it, right?"

"I see." Ricky just nodded in response.

Ricky knew that Henry wanted to have the battle after they succeeded in collecting the two antennae. And that was also what he had in mind. After all, it would be easier to collect the two antennae while there were more people.

"But before we act, another doubt still lingers in my head," Ricky then said.

"As long as your question is not about my origin or how I got to know everything about this place, I can answer you frankly," Henry said with a smile.

"Ok. What I want to know is, how has Thiago become your ally?" Ricky asked.

"I see. Perhaps for you, this is indeed something of importance." Henry gave a faint smile upon hearing Ricky's question. He looked at Thiago. It was clear he was suggesting that Thiago answer the question himself.

Just now Henry said he would go to the Golden Passage with Thiago and Yori, and it was exactly an admission that Thiago was on his side.

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