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   Chapter 665 Thiago's Answer

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The way Thiago uttered his words indicated that he never saw Ronson as a formidable opponent.

At the same time, this judgment seemed reasonable because Ronson was in an utterly disheveled state. His clothes were tattered, revealing wounds from all over his body. His face looked pale, showing that he was gravely injured inside by the enlightening power.

Blank and lifeless, his eyes gave out an extremely gloomy aura.

He was not used to failing his battles, but he lost this one badly. A great opportunity was presented to him and he lost in front of so many people. This would reflect badly on him, the third prince of the Eastern Empire

Despite being against the idea of giving up, he could no longer fight against Thiago. After all, he clearly knew that he was not on the same level with him. At best, all he could do at this point was give up and accept his fate solemnly. With this, he might even improve whatever was left of his strength. Then, someday, he could take the heritage here from the body who inherited the Massacring Holy Ant tribe.

As one of the top geniuses, he would never let one failure define him as a warrior.

"So what? You want to kill me?" Ronson raised his head and asked Thiago in a hoarse voice after he figured out everything in his mind.

"Kill you?" Thiago repeated after hearing Ronson's question. "I'm not interested in killing lives. All I wanted was the Holy Ant Platform. Now that I have achieved it, I don't have to waste my strength to do anything else.

Besides, obtaining the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe is much more important than killing you."

"Really? Since you opted to spare my life, you'd better keep in mind what happened today. I will never forget this," Ronson spat coldly.

"Do you think I will be threatened by someone I have already defeated?" Thiago responded flatly.

"Just wait and see," Ronson determinedly mentioned as the sinister look on his face never left. He then picked up his sword and jumped off the Holy Ant Platform.

As Thiago suggested, Ronson jumped off the Holy Ant Platform without any fuss. However, anybody who paid attention to what happened caught the deep killing intent that emanated from Thiago's eyes.

'He is eager to kill Ronson right then and there, and he obviously has the capacity to do so. And yet,

the battle started.

"I didn't expect that even an ace genius as you could be deceived and fooled," Pearl playfully joked with Ricky through telepathy.

It pleased her to witness Ricky frustrated even though they made peace with each other temporarily.

"Of course, that can happen sometimes. It just so happened that I can't see people's hearts through my eyes," Ricky answered, annoyed.

He was unmistakably dejected when he realized that Thiago had lied to them. But at the same time, he learned a valuable lesson—he could not believe anybody too easily in the world of martial arts, where the law of the jungle prevailed.

Hearing Soar's words, Ricky, Daisy and others all shifted their eyes towards Thiago as they all waited for his response.

Despite the heated gaze of many, Thiago remained calm for he had already expected this to happen one way or another.

"Soar, you accuse me of fooling all of you. But can you tell me how? Did I commit murder? Or did I harm any of you?" Thiago asked, his voice calm and collected.

"On the contrary, I have been helping you in my own way, haven't I? I helped you fight against Landon and I helped you deploy a small Spiritual Energy Gathering Array.

So I don't think I owe you any apology for that matter. Maybe you think I deceived you because I didn't reveal my strength to you. But come to think of it, that just sounds ridiculous."

Hearing that, Soar, Daisy and the rest all fell silent as they thought Thiago's words sounded reasonable. They could not find any word to refute him.

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