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   Chapter 664 The Five-element Array

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Ronson and Thiago eyed each other murderously. They were gathering their power and momentum at the same time, attempting to intimidate each other.

In the midst of the golden light emitted by the Eastern Brilliant Sword, Ronson looked as domineering as a real emperor. He grasped the sword in an overbearing manner as if he was to cut the zenith in half.

On the other hand, Thiago looked like a killing ghost from hell. Green lines that contained dense killing energy emerged all over his body. His menacing stance and smile could only mean he was going to activate a killing array in the next few minutes.

"Emperor Strike! My sword is coming!" Ronson bellowed, charging at Thiago in midair.

His eyes glowed and with every step he made forward, his body as well as his sword grew bigger.

He merged with the golden shadow condensed behind him.

His change looked like a change in image. Ronson grew bigger and bigger just like beasts grew bigger after they turned into their real bodies.

'Is this some kind of blood power?' Ricky thought to himself, watching Ronson change.

The warriors watching the battle talked among themselves. "That's the blood power of the Eastern Empire—Giant blood power, isn't it?"

"Yeah, exactly. That's the Giant blood power. But there are various kinds of Giant blood power. The Giant blood power of the Eastern Empire falls into the category of Golden Giant." Some of the warriors with relevant knowledge exchanged opinions.

"Once the Giant blood power is activated, the wielder's body will become bigger and his power, enlightenment, momentum, speed, and sensitivity will improve significantly."

'The blood power of the Eastern Empire—the Giant blood power?' Ricky thought to himself upon hearing the conversations around him. 'Now Ronson's strength is much more powerful than Jackson's when I fought against him. Thiago, please show me how strong your Array Mutant is.'

Within seconds and with a deafening sound, Ronson towered over Thiago. He stood twenty meters tall now with the golden sword in his hands giving out chilly enlightening light.

Thiago braced himself as Ronson dashed toward him at break-neck speed.

Ronson and his sword was now emanating tremendous energy of ruin that the earth collapsed below him as he charged at Thiago in midair. All the warriors watched as Ronson carved a path on the g

ained from his body. He found himself on the Holy Ant Platform, too.

"What terrible power! It defeated Ronson as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!" one of the onlookers exclaimed. "Is this the power of the array? Ronson is a strong genius, but even he was defeated by the array."

"I think the Array Mutant is more powerful than the power of the array."

"An array genius could never summon five killing arrays and three Spiritual Energy Gathering Arrays that quickly no matter how strong he is. Only the owner of the Array Mutant can do that." The space erupted in speculation with everyone present expressing their opinions at the same time.

"I dare say nobody here stands a chance against Thiago at the moment. He is the greatest dark horse in the Land of Legacy at this time. I don't think Ricky or Henry is a match for him."

'Is this all the power of the Array Mutant? You hid your power so carefully, Thiago. I wonder if you have more power than the eight arrays, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Obtaining the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe seemed much more difficult now than he had imagined.

He thought Henry was the only mystical opponent to deal with. Now he also had Thiago to worry about, a complete stranger to him and his fellows. Suddenly they found they knew even less about him than about Henry.

"I didn't expect the third prince of the Eastern Empire to be a mediocre fighter," Thiago said flatly, expressing zero excitement for his victory. He withdrew all his arrays and floated down on the Holy Ant Platform.

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