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   Chapter 663 The Unexpected Array Mutant

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When Thiago saw the sudden and deadly attack from his opponent Ranson, a curved and subtle smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Meanwhile, his enlightening power burst out abruptly as the cyan patterns on his forehead quickly diffused and merged with his enlightening power to form a shield that would protect his neck.

Clang! The next moment, Ronson just kicked heavily on the shield but couldn't move forward at all.

"You are the third prince of the Eastern Empire but your strength is surely underwhelming," Thiago said in a disdainful tone after defending himself successfully from Ronson's strike.

The momentum inside Thiago's body was then amplified to the limit level of a middle spiritual king.

"What? How could this be possible? Thiago turned out to be more powerful than I thought!" the surrounding warriors around the fighting area exclaimed out of surprise. Feeling that Thiago's momentum was being raised to a much higher level, they were hushed by his amazing strength and their jaws dropped.

This scene also surprised Ricky, Daisy, and their other companions a great deal.

In fact, compared to their surprise, they felt even more skeptical about Thiago because such a scene showed that Thiago was hiding a big secret from them on purpose. If it weren't for Ronson, they would have never known that Thiago had such hidden strength.

"Daisy, I don't think we can keep up with Thiago's power right now!" Terrence spoke to Daisy after witnessing Thiago's strength.

"Yes, there is no way we can still keep up with him now," Daisy said in a deep voice. "At this moment, he has become a stranger to us."

"Did we place our trust in the wrong person?" Terrence said unwillingly.

The two then stopped talking and continued to watch the fight between Ronson and Thiago.

"The power of array patterns will throw you away now!" Thiago roared coldly and sternly the next moment. The tone was completely different from his indifferent tone earlier. After that, the patterns on the array that he created released a powerful force that directly drove Ronson away.

Clack! Clack! In no time, Ronson was thrown back violently in the air.

At the same time, his face grew gloomy and ferocious as he realized that Thiago's strength was far beyond his expectations.

"The Array Armor!" Thiago roared once again. The moment Ronson was thrown away, he immediately burst out another array skill. Without any delay, the cyan patterns on his forehead were rapidly diffused like snakes slithering all over his body.

At that very moment, it seemed as if Thiago was

It is the most sacred weapon from the Eastern Empire. How could it be given to Ronson?"

"The momentum it is exuding is proof that it is not the real Eastern Brilliant Sword. It is said that the Eastern Empire had created some fake Eastern Brilliant Swords. Some of these fake Eastern Brilliant Swords are demi-sacred weapons, while some are spiritual weapons at the advanced stage or the at the intermediate stage," some warriors who knew more about the sword said.

"That sword Ronson is using right now must be a fake Eastern Brilliant Sword, a spiritual weapon at the intermediate stage."

"That should explain it!"

"Now that he even resorted to using the fake Eastern Brilliant Sword, it seems that he is trying to end the battle with one strike."

"It's not a wise choice to prolong a battle against the owner of the Array Mutant. What Ronson is doing sounds like the best plan," said a warrior.

"Next, let's wait and see whether the fake Eastern Brilliant Sword could outmatch the strength of the Array Mutant."

The discussion then subsided as they gazed upon the battle with great interest.

'Thiago, show me the maximum limit of your strength and how powerful your Array Mutant truly is, ' Ricky thought to himself as he watched the fight.

"As the owner of the Array Mutant, you won't feel much shame after I kill you with my Eastern Brilliant Sword," Ronson said ferociously after he burst out his momentum to its limit.

"If the sword you are holding is the real Eastern Brilliant Sword, I would not even try to resist and just surrender at once. Unfortunately, what you have is merely a fake one," Thiago replied in the same ferocious tone, completely ignoring Ronson's threatening words.

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