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   Chapter 662 The Unexpected

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7749

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Everyone turned to their backs as the voice spoke to them. They wanted to see who it was that would dare challenge the five well-acknowledged warriors.

Not letting the suspense linger any longer, Thiago jumped up and landed in front of the five Holy Ant Platforms.

"It's Thiago. How can it be Thiago?" Most of the warriors were in shock at the revelation of the person behind the voice.

They were well-aware that Thiago was an outer disciple of the Oriental College. It was possible that Thiago might be more talented and powerful compared to them.

Still, despite his advanced powers and abilities, it was not enough to match the strength of Ricky and the other four.

Daisy and Terrence were even more confused because they knew about Thiago's power.

"Daisy, what is Thiago planning to do?" Terrence asked through telepathy.

"Maybe he just wanted to try and test his power. We all know that, although Thiago doesn't talk much, he still has strong opinions about his capabilities and the strength of those around him," Daisy explained. "Perhaps, he succeeded in drawing another powerful array recently, and he has improved his strength."

"Is that so? But still, Thiago should've told us first!" Soar butted in. "Who is Thiago challenging, then?"

"I don't know!"

a confused Ricky answered in exasperation. In the midst of his confusion, Ricky used his internal power to warn Thiago, "Thiago, be careful. Also, you're not planning on challenge me, are you?"

"Ricky, I'm prepared to lose the challenge. You see, I've recently learned a new array and it can only be solved by geniuses who possess the level of skill and strength that you have. That's why I want to take this opportunity to test the power of the array. This is the best and only way I can have a deeper understanding of it," Thiago explicated, trying his best to pacify Ricky's bewilderment.

"I see." Ricky came to his senses upon hearing Thiago's explanation. On the other hand, there lingered an uneasy feeling deep inside Ricky. He couldn't pinpoint what it was, but there seemed to be something off with Thiago's words.

Pearl was surprised as well. But Henry and Yori were the only ones who remained calm as always. They acted as though no one had challenged them.

"Thiago, I never imagined that you would have the g

Even if the spiritual emperor of your Oriental College were here, he wouldn't be able to stop me," Ronson yelled with a hideous look on his face. Seeing Thiago actually jump on his Holy Ant Platform had really set him off.

Quite frankly, the only real reason why Thiago chose him as his opponent was because he was regarded as the weakest among the five people.

It enraged him deeply.

"I will prove you wrong with my own performance," Thiago replied calmly, unaffected by Ronson's relentless words.

Boom! A huge burst of energy emerged, and a green line appeared. The green line was an obvious mark that Thiago was an array deployer of intermediate King Level.

"You damned array deployer, I will rip your array apart!" Ronson called out with a thunderous roar.

The next moment, Ronson's energy was also about to break its limits, and the supreme enlightenment started to suppress it.

The Ruin Enlightenment immediately resonated with the Massacring Enlightenment on the Holy Ant Platform.

Ronson then jumped over Thiago, swiftly swerving his leg and aiming a mighty kick right at Thiago's neck. Ronson's kick was fortified and surrounded by Ruin Enlightenment.

Even though the kick appeared to be a simple combat move, it was still extremely powerful. Even a middle spiritual king might not be able to hold up against its strength.

Obviously, Ronson wasn't planning on wasting any more time. He wanted to defeat Thiago quickly and completely that the latter would no longer have any chance to formulate his array.

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