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   Chapter 661 The Holy Ant Platform

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The region they were in as of the moment was how the Sand Region exactly looked like in the outside.

"So you mean to say that this is the Land of Legacy of Massacring Holy Ant tribe?" Witnessing such a confusing scene, all the warriors gave baffled looks at each other as they could not completely understand what was happening. In this place, they felt that neither danger nor opportunity.

As bewildered as they were, they only had the same question in their heads: how could such a desolate place be the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe?

Apart from that, it looked exactly like the Sand Region, which made them think if they had entered a mirage of some sort, or that maybe they had set foot in a parallel universe.

Even Ricky had doubted about the place. So in order for him to get some peace, he subtly used the power of the Golden Spirit Eyes. And as a result, he found out that the place was real and not a phantasmagoria. It just so happened that the space had the exact same pattern as the Sand Region.

'Or maybe, the Sand Region outside is just a cover, and this is the real Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe. However, it is just that the so-called inheritance has not appeared in front of us yet, ' Ricky thought.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Henry for everyone believed that he was the only one who knew about the real situation.

"You guys, you didn't make a mistake. You're right. This is the real Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe," Henry said. "And of course, the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe would only appear after it chooses the strongest, the most talented, and the most powerful person among us."

"Henry, of course we know that every inheritance would choose the most talented and strongest person, but I don't see anything right now. It is really empty here. Where's the inheritance? And how does it pick the chosen one?" Pearl questioned after hearing Henry's words.

"And one more thing, Henry. We believe that you are such a talent, but we have never heard of you. And what's even more surprising is that you even know this place like the back of your hand. All of this seems to overwhelm us and make us doubt and even be afraid of you. So, if possible, could you please explain what's happening?"

Pearl spoke out the doubts in all warriors' hearts as she, too, could not contain the mystery.

"Ha-ha, Pearl, I completely understand what you mean, but unfortunately for you, I don't like questions. Not even from a pretty girl like you," Henry smiled after hearing what Pearl's inquiry.

"But of course, Pearl, I can answer all your questions for free if you are willing to be mine."

Henry flirt

hey're able to get the inheritance of the Massacring Holy Ant tribe, please come up and occupy the remaining three Holy Ant Platforms. Of course, you guys can also challenge Yori and me. If you win, you can get our Holy Ant Platforms and even the inheritance."

Right after he finished, Henry and Yori jumped upon two Holy Ant Platforms head on.

"I guess I'll also get one of those," Ricky said.

"Just go. You are the only one in this group who can compete for the inheritance. Don't mind us. We'll take this time to practice on the golden platforms," Daisy encouraged Ricky.

After nodding his head slightly in agreement, Ricky then jumped directly to another Holy Ant Platform.

And without hesitation, Pearl and Ronson joined them in the remaining Holy Ant Platforms, making every Holy Ant Platform occupied.

"Gentlemen, six hours from now, these five Holy Ant Platforms will enter the place of inheritance. So if anyone wants to fight me for these Holy Ant Platforms, go ahead. I assured that I'm not obsessed with killing," Henry said after seeing that all the Holy Ant Platforms were occupied and were ready to go.

Hearing Henry's words, some of the warriors had second thoughts of challenging him, but in the end they refrained from doing so and held back.

Although Henry did elaborately say that anyone could challenge him and take his spot, there was no assurance if he would really go for the kill. In the end, the people's reason triumphed over their greed.

" seems that no one wants to challenge the five of us," Henry said as a faint smile formed on his face.

"How could there be no one? Let's get on with this. I want to challenge you guys. I want to occupy a Holy Ant Platform!" An eager, loud, and clear voice suddenly broke the entire crowd's silence.

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