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   Chapter 660 Mysterious Henry

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Henry's words caused a stir among the crowd. Everyone was shocked and anxiously looked to the sand floating in the sandy lake.

Their eyes lit up the moment they saw the sand. Every creature was eager to fuse the sand by using their enlightening power, but they held back because of fear. They were afraid that Henry said that in order to take advantage of them. If Henry lied to them, they would end up losing their lives should they act boldly.

"Don't worry and stay calm. We can just wait for a few more moments," Ricky told Terrence and the others telepathically. He did not want any of them to get hurt.

"Are you afraid that this is a trap?" Henry laughed, seeing everyone freeze. "Well, let me reveal the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants."

Henry turned his gaze to the floating sand.

Then, he stretched out his arms as if summoning an unknown power. The yellow sand enlightening power started circling around his hands and then swirled in the air in chaotic patterns. Then, it slowly fell in order, forming a giant cage around the sand.

The sand responded by rising to the cage and then billowed to fill the space inside. Soon, the giant cage and the sand started moving as one, forming a large sand orb that eventually floated in the air and then slowly descended on the sandy lake.

The orb glowed light yellow and looked like a round door leading to a new space.

Ricky and the others immediately detected that there seemed to be a space inside the yellow orb.

'The space inside is probably the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants, but how did Henry know all of this? Is he closely related to the Massacring Holy Ants?' Ricky thought. He was indeed excited at what he had just seen. At the same time, he grew more serious and alert.

Henry was so mysterious that Ricky was unable to read his mind at all.

Ricky had not realized how his opponents had felt about him until now. They felt helpless and puzzled when faced with him, and that was exactly how he felt when faced with Henry.

Pearl and the other warriors were wearing serious faces as well. Henry knew many things they did not know. He was totally a riddle.

They also sensed the space hiding inside the yellow orb. Was it really the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants? None of them could confirm it.

While everyone stared curiously


"Guys, Yori and I are going inside now. The space on the other side is the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants. Think carefully about whether or not you would follow us. I would say this is an excellent opportunity," Henry said before entering the door with Yori.

They disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The warriors could only stare after Henry and Yori, their eyes wide and jaws ajar. How they wished they could follow suit, but none of them had the courage to do so.

Thiago approached the door and said with a decisive look, "Well, someone has to be courageous enough to follow Henry and Yori into the space. I'm going."

"Thiago, what do you think you're doing?" Ricky and Terrence attempted to stop Thiago.

"I can deploy arrays to protect myself. Don't worry about me. I'm not afraid even if Henry plays tricks. I will enter first to see what the other side is like," Thiago replied with a reassuring smile.

Before anyone else could stop him, Thiago had jumped into the luminous loop.

Without any hesitation, Ricky threw himself into the loop as well. He would not leave Thiago alone out there to face the uncertain. Should there be any danger, he could help and save Thiago by dragging him into his Chaotic Fire Zone.

Before long, Ricky and Thiago had disappeared into the space.

Soar and Terrence exchanged looks before jumping into the space too.

Then, the other warriors followed them one after another.

The next moment, they found themselves in a desert area—a space that looked exactly the same as the Sand Region.

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