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   Chapter 659 Temporary Truce With Pearl

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"Right, but whether it is true or not, we have to go," Terrence said gravely, hearing Ricky's words. "He asked us to go to the sandy lake that came out of nowhere. Is there a connection between the Land of Legacy of Massacring Holy Ants and the sandy lake?" Terrence then asked.

"Maybe. This gathering might be our last one. We will come out of this either winners or losers," Ricky answered almost to himself.

They fell silent after that and marched toward the sandy lake.

… All the creatures in the Sand Region were heading toward the sandy lake. No creature here could resist it even if it meant having to face the mysterious Henry.

The sandy lake had already expanded, and now it was as large as several cities combined. If the expansion continued, the whole Sand Region would eventually be covered by the sandy lake.

Within several days, all the creatures gathered around the lake.

Of course Ricky and his friends came as well.

And so did Pearl and the others.

However, at this moment, Ricky and Pearl did not want to pick a fight against each other because they were both under immense pressure from Henry.

Pearl even told Ricky using her internal power, "Ricky, the feud between us is about life and death, but I think we should let it go for now because neither of us would like to be killed by Henry."

Ricky was surprised at Pearl's words. He smiled. "It's quite surprising. I didn't imagine that the arrogant Pearl would say such words.

If I'm not mistaken, before you entered the Sand Region, you said that you would never make friends with your enemies."

'It seems that Henry did put Pearl under pressure. Otherwise, she wouldn't have said those things to me consider

ted all of us here, so you have to make things clear. Otherwise, I would think you are fooling all of us warriors," Ricky warned.

"I wouldn't dare. Ricky, please don't talk nonsense," Henry smiled. "Remember, I killed two strong enemies from the Nether Army for you."

"And I appreciate that, but this is a different story," Ricky answered.

At the moment, everyone looked at Henry eagerly.

Henry did not seem to be bothered. He was still completely calm and relaxed. Maybe he still would not care if all the warriors joined together against him.

"It seems that all of you can't wait for the Land of Legacy of Massacring Holy Ants. I won't keep you in suspense anymore," Henry smiled, glancing around.

"The Land of Legacy of Massacring Holy Ants is in this Sand Region, and its entrance lies within this sandy lake."

"What? The sandy lake is the entrance? How is that possible?" all the warriors said in disbelief. They all stared at the sandy lake.

So did Ricky and Pearl.

"Everyone, I'm not quite finished. If you want to enter the Land of Legacy of Massacring Holy Ants, just fuse the floating sand together."

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