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   Chapter 658 Shocking News

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6513

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"Tina, if Brian and Adrian worked together, their strength would absolutely reach the limits of the Land of Legacy. However, many warriors said that the battle between Henry and the Nether Army was a devastating one." Ricky couldn't help but tell Tina his thoughts.

"Also, there weren't any rumors about Henry's Sandy Mutant which meant that he might not have even used it when he fought Brian and Adrian.

Ricky, I have a feeling that Henry is very familiar with this place. Or, we could at least be certain that this place has something to do with him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said that after killing Brian and Adrian," Tina said.

"You mean the reason for the attack? There was something to what he had said," Ricky said in a low voice. "However, I can't think of anything in particular. Maybe only when Henry himself tell us everything would we have the answers we're looking for.

But there will always be a better way to deal with the problem. I no longer have any reason to fear Henry. I am only filled with confidence and I am looking forward to our fight."

"I'm afraid that only you have the guts to say something like that in the Sand Region," Tina smiled as she heard his words.

"Next, we should search for Soar and join them," Ricky said.

Ricky began to use the Heaven Melting Fire in an attempt to contact Soar. They could sense each other within a limited range with the help of the Heaven Melting Fire.

After several days, Ricky, Soar, Daisy and the others finally joined up.

Fortunately, there weren't any casualties. However, Terrence and Thiago got the Massacring Sand while Daisy and Soar didn't.

Ricky didn't hide the fact that he got the Massacring Sand and told them that he had already refined the sand.

After hearing that, they were amazed because it usually took a middle spiritual king a long time to completely refine the Massacring Sand, a known treasure of Heaven and Earth.


gan to search for Pearl in the Sand Region.

But before they could even start, they heard some rumors released by Henry.

They had to pay attention to the news. Each and every warrior in the Sand Region had to.

Henry said that he knew how to enter the Massacring Holy Ants' Land of Legacy and that he would wait for all the warriors at the sandy lake which appeared out of thin air.

By that time, Henry would announce the way to enter the Land of Legacy to the public.

The news left all warriors in shock, confusion, and fear.

Maybe, they might not entirely believe what Henry said, but they still had to go and see for themselves knowing that the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants was something no one should miss.

Hearing the news, Ricky and others didn't know how to react.

"Ricky, nine times out of ten, this would end up as a conspiracy. No one would be willing to share the news of the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants with irrelevant people," Soar said to cut the silence.

"There is one possibility. Henry is unable to enter the Land of Legacy of the Massacring Holy Ants alone, and he needs others' help," Terrence said.

"Whether true or not, we must go to the sandy lake. There is no way we can give up on this," Ricky said in a deep voice.

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