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   Chapter 657 Drastic Changes

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The Sand Region was divided into multiple sub-regions which distinctly separated the warriors from the each other.

Rumors spread that the Massacring Sand could be found in every region. But on the downside, it was not evenly distributed. And in order to obtain the Massacring Sand, one should be ultimately powerful and, most importantly, blessed with luck.

But as of now, Ricky had only collected a small amount of Massacring Sand which, as it turned out, was not even enough to cultivate the Source of Golden Body. However, it wasn't that much of a big deal yet, since the most important task ahead of him was to make a breakthrough.

As for the Massacring Sand, he had his own brilliant plans for it. 'It seems like Pearl and Brian are also looking for the Massacring Sand. And I would be fighting against them sooner or later. I guess I'll just beat them to a pulp and take the sand that they have. That's going to save me a lot of time and effort in searching for more, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Meanwhile, the entire Sand Region was in a fanatic state as the Massacring Sand fever was on everyone's mind.

However, Ricky had already quit the heated race in search for more sand. And to make his time more worthwhile, he entered the Chaotic Fire Zone and started his cultivation.

But before he could start his cultivation, he must do something of utmost importance—extract the White Tiger blood from Jackson. While this was something that other middle spiritual kings could not do, Ricky could do it with ease with the help of his four zones.

Meanwhile, inside the Chaotic Fire Zone, Ricky saw the cadaver of the White King Tiger which had been burnt into a crisp. 'How much power can I possibly refine?' Ricky questioned himself inwardly.

"Ricky, don't be all too positive about this. You don't want to be disappointed. After all, you might only be able to get a tiny trace of blood power from his body, since that's all he had," Tina warned him.

"I guess that will do. In fact, all I need is a trace of White Tiger blood power and that would be enough for me to have a breakthrough...I hope. After all, I'm not hoping to integrate the While Tiger blood power into my own blood," replied Ricky.

Then, Ricky summoned both the sacred fires and the peculiar fires in his body simultaneously. He combined the power of the fires using the chaotic fire runes and started to heat up the White King Tiger's body.

Getting rid of any unnecessary and unwanted waste, Ricky employed the devouring runes to wash them off. After doing this, he would be left with only the blood power of the White Tiger.

For three whole days, Ricky cleaned the corpse relentlessly until it w

st a one-sided battle—he just slaughtered all of his opponents Brian and Adrian single-handedly.

This news, however, made everyone who witnessed the gruesome battle become intimidated by Henry's power and strength.

Right after he killed every single one of his enemies mercilessly, he stood up and made a public announcement on why he did not spare a single soul of the Nether Army. And his reason shook the audience.

"This, right before you is a pile of lifeless flesh from the warriors of the Nether Army. I did not spare their dirty souls because the Sand Region is a divine place. I would never allow these bodiless creatures who cultivate filthy evil spirit to stain the divinity of our land!"

With his explanation, people had doubts and raised their eyebrows.

'It is true that the Nether Army are bodiless creatures who cultivate the evil spirit, but what does it have to do with the Sand Region?' the people wondered.

With those doubts running in their minds, all of the warriors became tensed and fearful that Henry would start another round of slaughtering for some strange and not so logical reasons.

While Henry drew most of the crowd's attention, Ricky and Pearl seemed to be forgotten and blurred into the background of everything that had happened in the Sand Region.

"Indeed, there is no doubt that Henry is powerful.

I can't believe that he defeated Brian, Adrian and the entire Nether Army," a young man clad in blue clothing murmured to himself in the void.

And this young man was none other than Ricky, who had just finished cultivation.

Coming out of the Chaotic Fire Zone, he heard the news that everyone had been talking about. And just like the rest, he was surprised to hear at how Henry displayed his strength and power against his enemies.

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