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   Chapter 656 Cultivation In Seclusion

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With Ricky's momentum growing, the golden light could be seen everywhere. Ricky's eyes had become completely golden and were filled with the aura which was ancient and mysterious. Right now, his final trick solely depended on the Golden Spirit Eyes.

After all, in terms of cultivation, he still had a significant gap from Jackson. He now had to rely on the divine energy of the Golden Spirit Eyes to go against the White Tiger's blood power of Jackson.

With a loud roar, Jackson rushed towards Ricky. The momentum of his furious rush formed a unique channel in space. With the power of his blood, his huge body turned into the claw of a White Tiger.

The huge claw was about to fall from the skies with great power.

"Golden Spirit Eyes—Seven-flame Lotus!" When the huge claw was on the way to Ricky, thousands of lights suddenly burst out of the second level of Ultimate Golden Body. The purpose of the burst of lights was naturally the same—it was to protect the power of the Golden Spirit Eyes.

The massacring runes around his second level of Ultimate Golden Body were then replaced by chaotic fire runes.

After that, seven torrents of flame rolled out and condensed into a fiery lotus in midair. It then rushed toward the claw in an attempt to destroy it.

Boom! At the next moment, the two attacks clashed and created strong air waves that overwhelmed everything including their own enormous bodies.

Seeing such a fierce collision, the creatures around them couldn't believe their eyes as it was not an attack that a middle spiritual king could normally do.

However, after being surprised, the warriors who had been secretly conspiring began to slowly move towards the center of the battle as they could see that it was the right time to interfere. Any weapon or cultivation method that Ricky and Jackson possessed could be considered a chance for them to improve themselves.

Soon, these ill-disposed creatures had surrounded the area where the air waves were emitting. But they couldn't dare to act rashly because Ricky and Jackson could end up killing them with a single move.

So they had to be cautious and make sure that they were fully aware of the situation between Ricky and Jackson first.

All of a sudden, they heard a loud scream come out from the air waves.

After Ricky used the Seven-flame Lotus, he once again broke out the attack of the Heaven Illuminating Fire. One could see that he didn't want to give Jackson a minute to collect himself and defend his next attacks. Also, Ricky was determined to win the blood of the White Tiger from Jackson.

Only with the blood of the White Tiger and the Massacring Sand would he have the real confidenc

knew that if Ricky survived their attack, he would probably kill all of them.

After thinking about their possible gains and losses, they decided to just give up on their plans instead.

One of them said, "Ricky, we just came to watch you fight. Why do you think we came to kill you and take the treasures?"

"Ha-ha! You know for yourselves whether you guys wanted to kill me and take the treasures or not. But since you said you only came to see the battle, it is probably time for you to leave because the fight is over," Ricky smiled.

"Otherwise, I will treat you as my enemy, kill all of you, and take everything you have."

The faces of the warriors turned gloomy at Ricky's words. They couldn't doubt a single word that he said after seeing him kill Jackson without hesitation and mercy.

But what else could they do against the powerful Ricky? Their only option was to leave as fast as they could.

If they worked together, they would probably have the slightest chance of winning against Ricky. However, none of them wanted to be the first to attack.

"These guys wanted to get their hands on another person's harvest. There is no such thing in the world!" Ricky smiled coldly as he saw the warriors run for their lives.

"It's not surprising because we live in a competitive world," Tina said. "We're luck they don't know one another that much. Otherwise they wouldn't leave so easily."

"The reason they act like this is because I'm not strong enough to frighten them and use that fear to earn their respect," Ricky said softly.

"So next, I may need to cultivate in seclusion so that I can improve my cultivation to the limits of what this area can hold. Maybe then I can fight Henry and defeat him once and for all.

Henry is really a hard nut to crack."

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